Management Competes, Not Products

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It Is Management That Competes, Not Your Products From time to time, you come across an article that stays with you. This is an article that I have kept with me over the years. My notes indicates that it was published in our local newspaper, Daily Express in February 2002. Written by Gunther Conradi. At that time, I was in the midst of my marketing module for an MBA program. It just made sense to me because for a retailer to outlast his competition, it is management that is the winning factor. Not products, prices or advertisement....

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Back To Retail Basics

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Retail Basics Ensures Success Of Your Store The economic might experience a slow down, but however negative the predictions are, the truth is that people will still need to shop in the malls. They will still need to buy clothes, supplies and grocery, even gifts for family and friends. I agree that they might be spending a bit less than normal. The fact that customers may be controlling their spending, makes it more imperative that retailers compete for their share of the wallet. Even in bad economic times, there are still sales to made,...

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How You Can Sell Ebooks Online

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How You Can Sell Ebooks Online Within Minutes Instabuck is a place to sell your digital products with ease. You can sell pretty much anything that is in digital format, music, e-books, code, design, games and photos. I have many friends who are interested in writing and creating books, from professional journals to children story books. To sell ebooks online, you need to create a sales channel and a delivery system, in other words – a website. With Instabuck, you have a website, storage and delivery system for your digital products. Do...

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Life Lessons From Albert Einstein

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10 Amazing Life Lessons From Albert Einstein Perseverance is priceless. This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein, who is one of the greatest thinker this world as ever known. Einstein published more than 300 scientific papers and more over 150 non-scientific works. These days, we associate his name “Einstein” with genius and mankind has benefited from the lessons of Albert Einstein. Many people believe that geniuses are born, not made. Perhaps it is the way their brain is hardwired, or perhaps something else affects the...

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Is Your Website’s Navigation As Intuitive As It Ought to Be?

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Is Your Website’s Navigation As Intuitive As It Ought to Be? By Lynette Chandler In “Don’t Make Me Think”, Steve Krug starts the book off by stating the most important thing to make sure a web site is easy to use is… not to make people think. While there are many areas where a website can be structured to create a great user experience, navigation plays a crucial role and rightly so. Review these elements and see if you’re on the right path to a better navigation. 1. Placement People expect navigation links...

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Best Blog Posts To Start 2012

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Reading These Blog Posts Is A Good Way To Start 2012 I came across these 2 blog posts in LinkedIn, and it illustrates why blogs are such an important communication channel. Blogs deliver information on time and in easily digestible chunks. Any executive can spend 5 minutes to read a blog post to jump start his day. Sadly, reading paperback books these days are fast becoming a luxury. It is still important to read but I find that day to day reading are better surf online. Information is coming out fast and furious, and with the internet we can...

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Utah Web Design-Salt Lake City SEO

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Website Design by a Utah Web Design Firm Warner Data Solutions is a Utah web design company in Salt Lake City, that offers custom programming and SEO work. They specialize in quality web design that is affordable and done on time. Not only do Warner Data’s website designs look great, they are also functional and search engine friendly. Unlike other companies, Warner Data is a full service solution provider. They provide SEO and internet marketing services for their clients, as well as web hosting. Warner Data Solutions LLC is a BBB...

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Property for Sale In Vancouver

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Looking For Property For Sale In Vancouver? I admit I love real estate and over the years I have bought some properties that generates monthly cash-flow for me. My goal is to eventually leverage the properties I hold into a dream home for my family. Like all things in life, everyday can bring you one step closer to your goals if you do the things you ought to be doing. Unlike any other investments, real estate is one that increases in value as time goes by. The most important thing in buying property is understanding the rules of the game. It...

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Develop a Social Media Plan

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Presentation on Develop a Social Media Plan Developing a Social Media Plan View more presentations from ifPeople This presentation shows you the steps to develop a social media plan in a concise and easy to understand manner. It first defines what is social media. Social media is a conversation that takes place online. It is not traditional marketing nor is it advertising. To quote a slide from the presentation, social media is: Consumer driven Transparent Engaging Inclusive Sincere How To Develop a Social Media Plan The problem is there are...

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Awesome Video Marketing

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Awesome Video Marketing Delivers Information And Impact Did you know that marketing video is the fastest growing media in the world? Video is also the most engaging media, visitors spend more time on your website. For many people, video is the easiest way for them to absorb information. Watch the awesome video regarding some facts about using video on the Internet. Some Quick Facts About Video Marketing Video is the medium that delivers the most compelling stories YouTube is one of the highest traffic website on the internet People spend more...

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