Get 50% Off Hosting On Black Friday

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Get Ready For 50% Discount Off Web Hosting On Black Friday What was the No.1 trending topic for Black Friday in 2010? If you answered Hostgator’s Black Friday promotions, that tells me you are involved in internet marketing! By the way, you would have been right. Hostgator’s Black Friday promotion in 2010 generated an incredible amount of buzz. I can tell you that people from all over the world were lining up to snap up their offer. It was just an awesome deal. Right now, they are gearing up for this year’s Black Friday...

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A Marketplace For Business Opportunities

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Looking For A Marketplace To Buy And Sell Business? Welcome to the marketplace for buying and selling a business in the United States. If you are looking to buy an operating business or to sell your business, check out this marketplace for business for sale listings. You can find business opportunities, a business for sale or even a website for sale. This marketplace is a big US business listing. You can find many businesses available for sale, including franchises, websites for sale and more. People are basically trading their companies...

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Can A Website Increase Your Sales?

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Can A Website Increase Your Sales?

How An Offline Business Increased Their Sales With A Website The question many business owners have is how can a website increase their revenue. My answer is that a website is an additional advertising channel that extends your marketing reach. Whether it can get you more prospects depends on how committed you are in extending your marketing activities online. It is not enough just to have a website on the internet. A website by itself does nothing for you unless you use it to get new prospects. Case Study Of This is a client of...

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Create Your Company Identity

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What Is Company Identity and How to Achieve It? Your company identity is more than just a logo. It extends all the way to everything that represents your company, from your website, stationery and brochures, to external factors like customer relationship management and customer service. It is the perception of the way you do business, and the way you impress your clients. You are competing with the many businesses and services in the market, and you need to have a value proposition. Value proposition basically means how you add value to your...

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Why Funny Print Ads Work

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Designing Print Ads For Impact A print advertisement needs to catch the readers’ attention, and concept designers strive to do this on every ad campaign. Print media like brochures, handbills and newspaper advertisement has to make an impression the first time a reader reads it. There are so much advertisement these days that you are competing for readers attention. Print Ads have to make an impact and get your message across. It has to be relevant, it has to help them in their life. People don’t buy on price alone, nor do they...

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Best Directory Submission Software

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Possibly The Best Directory Submission Software For The Price Directory submission, article submission and bookmark submission should be part of your search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation tactics. This ensures that your website can be found on the internet by people and search engine spiders, by the way of links to your website. The more links you have back to your website can help your rankings on the search engines, as well as your pagerank (page rank may or may not be much of an indicator these days). This is commonly...

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How Well Does Your Brand Communicate?

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Does Your Brand Communicate, Can Your Customers Identify With You? While your company website is the ultimate sales channel and is the communication tool of choice, you still need to reach the masses of people who are not connected to the internet. To do so, you need to deploy professionally designed and printed marketing materials – brochures, handbills, banners and print ads. Professionally designed and printed materials have great reach and staying power. It also serves to build your brand image. To achieve this, your marketing...

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Create Social Events For Your Business

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How Social Events Can Create Word Of Mouth For Your Business In the retail industry, it is very competitive and the goal is to maintain your market-share. I have worked with the leading supermarkets and superstores operating in Sabah for the last 20 years. Over the years, we have given away 2 units of apartments, 30 cars, 13 motorbikes, and a whole lot more. By having events, we managed to maintain our market-share and increase our dollar sales in a tough economy. Customers vote for your business with their money. If they chose to spend money...

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Atlanta Search Engine Marketing

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Atlanta Search Engine Marketing and SEO Services The first step to getting the sale is to have customers coming to your website. The question many people ask is how do people know about our website. This is where search engine marketing (also called Search Engine Optimization or SEO) comes into play. The aim of search engine marketing is to make your website visible to the people looking for the services you offer. Companies such as Atlanta Search Engine Marketing, provides SEO services that positions your website to appear near the top of...

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Workplace Safety In Your Company

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Do You Practice Workplace Safety In Your Company? If you are a business owner or in a managerial position, you should be aware of the importance of workplace health and workplace safety. For two reasons, the first is because it is the right thing to do for your employees as well as your customers. The second is that you can be held liable and be prosecuted when workplace safety goes wrong. Many businesses, all over the world falls short on workplace safety and often it comes to light and it gets plastered all over the news channels. This...

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