Almiranta Business Online Productivity Suite

Almiranta Business Online Productivity Suite

Expert Planning Business Online Productivity Suite

What sets a professionally managed company apart is the level of detailed planning that goes into the operations, regular audits to track results, and the documented processes that the company operates from.

A company or a business require forward planning, processes and regular audits or scorecard to evolve and grow. having worked with a number of small and medium companies, I am sometimes surprised by the lack of planning that is done. Your business might be growing but you need a structure to the organization if you want to take it to $100 million company.

Some business owners tell me that it differs from industry to industry. In my view, regardless of the industry or the size of the company, key performance indicators (KPI) must be tracked – expenditure, sales, delivery times, stock, profit margin and so on.

Perhaps the process in which the business activity is carried differs, but at the end of the day, you are still tracking stock in and stock out, volume sales and sales unit, profit margins and expenses. It is the numbers that matter and a business must have a handle on the numbers.

That is why a Business Online Productivity Suite can help a business keep track of what your business activities cost and how much revenue it generates.

Business Online Productivity Suite – Expert Planning for Capital Expenditure

Almiranta Corporation based in Montreal city, Canada has released their expert planning software – the Explan Suite. All you need to use this software is an internet connection and a account.

This is an online suite of planning software which means you access it online without having to install any software on your computer. This makes it accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any devices.

Almiranta Explan Suite
Right now, there are 2 modules to Almiranta Explan Suite – capital expenditure planning and real estate planning modules. Licenses are purchased as annual memberships and must be renewed every year. There is a monthly payment plan available and no extra cost for the monthly payment plan, although you are required to sign on for 1 year.

Each module of the ExPlan Suite comes with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of users. We only limit the maximum storage space per license to 100 GB in order to prevent abuse from companies using the storage as a backup for other non-related data. The 100 GB per module usually more than enough for even large companies or organizations.

Almiranta CapEx Plan
The capital expenditure planning module helps you to manage your expenditure and budget, understand your costs, and managed projects.

There is virtually no limit to the number of capital expenditures, budgets, data entries of reports that can be produced. The only limit is storage space and even then, 100 GB is a lot of storage. In the event that you need more than 100 GB, more can be added.

Lease management and Capital expenditures suite

Lease management and Capital expenditures suite

With the CapExPlan:

  • Create/Manage Budgets
  • Create/Manage Capital Expenditures
  • Approve/Reject Capital Expenditures
  • Track major and Minor Expenses
  • Manage Projects
  • Forecast Budgets vs Actual Expenditures
  • Analyze Budgets, produce reports

Almiranta RealEx Plan
The real estate planning module helps you to managed property leases, track security deposits and manage property costs. Regardless of the number of properties you own or lease, offering a real business property management solution.

  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Create Detailed Leases
  • Create Multiple Budgets
  • Create Lease Proposals and Manage Lease Renewals
  • Calculate Sublease Recuperation
  • Track Security Deposits
  • Manage Insurance Costs
  • Track Restoration Costs
  • Lease End Reports

Business Online Productivity Suite – Lease Management and Capital Expenditure

Almiranta has released 2 modules that are part of a business suite of software, with an additional 3 modules to be released. What this business productivity suite does is give you a framework to manage your budgets, projects and real estate.

In any business operations, the numbers tell the story, it is our scorecard. This software suite offers a solution for real businesses and the price reflects this. If you consider that the license is for unlimited users, 100 GB of data space which is stored in the cloud, plus round the clock customer support, the price does seem reasonable.

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