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From Frustration to Freedom, Success Strategies No One Else is Talking About!

Most of us, at one time or another has experienced frustration with the painfully slow progress when we are trying to build a reliable income online. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do each day for your online business. Especially when you are also trying to juggle building your business while working a day job and raising a family.

In situations like this, it is easy to suffer from Information Overload. After all, this is the internet and you have just about the world’s information at your finger tips. Even without the hype, shifting through information is a time-consuming job, leaving you little time to put them into actual use. Sure, you have to learn the basics of online marketing, and website building. While online marketing is essentially a level playing field, those with financial resources and technical knowledge will have an edge.

Overcoming Information Overload

It is very easy to overcome information overload – you just have to do one of two things.

  1. Starting taking action with what you already know immediately. The rest can wait.
  2. Start thinking about strategies instead of becoming an opportunity seeker.

Once you have started taking action, your mind automatically focuses on the job at hand, and what you have to do to complete the job. At least, that is how my mind works. If I come up to a brick wall, I find away to get it done. When your mind is focused, and your body is in motion, you naturally become resourceful – it’s about getting things done.

Stop Being An Opportunity Seeker

Being an opportunity seeker in this context is being the person who goes after the latest money making opportunity or the latest internet marketing hype. You know those push button and get rich type of hype (I have tested a few and they are a far cry from what the sales letter says they are). Sure, you might make a quick buck, but they are unlikely to be a sustainable income stream.

Once you have started taking action, you only read what you need. Need to generate traffic? Read about it, test it and stomp it. The same applies for social bookmarking, social marketing and all the rest.

  1. Be selective on what you read.
  2. Implement and test what you have read.
  3. Build a system or framework on how you operate.
  4. Repeat the process for your next project.

Just so we are clear, 95% of all online businesses fail. But that is for the other 95% of people to worry about. We are only concern with what works and how it can be improved. When you get right down to it, there isn’t an difference between an online business and an offline business.

What Is The Business Growth System?

If you want the exact steps you need to take to create an online business or to improve your online business performance, head over and register now for a special FREE Accelerated Business Course. The Accelerated Business Course by Rich Schefren.

“From Frustration to Freedom – The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery Out of Succeeding Online in 2011”

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