Cherry Picker, Access Platform and Boom Lift

Cherry Picker, Access Platform and Boom Lift Manufacturer From UK

Working in the retail industry, there are times when the only machinery that will get the job done is a Cherry Picker. They do a great job when you need access to high areas for maintenance and when you need to get your advertising up. While most companies will out-source these functions to advertising companies, large retailers in the state have their own in-house advertising departments.

Cherry Pickers and Boom Lifts are commonly used by advertising companies, construction and electrical companies. You can pretty much tell how well they are doing by looking at the type of machinery they have. Prices tend to be better too, since they will not have to hire a Cherry Picker or Boom Lift when the job calls for it.

Chery Pickers and Boom Lift from Nifty Lift UK

Cherry Picker From Nifty Lift UK

Nifty Lift manufactures Cherry Picker, Access Platform and Boom Lift in Europe and sells to many parts of the world. You can find their compact, low weight articulating booms throughout Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East, Australia and South Africa.

Nifty Lift’s Cherry Picker product ranges from heights of 9m to 21m, with a number of different types to choose from. Their in-house 3D design team ensures that every Niftylift work platform delivers outstanding performance without compromising on functionality or reliability.

Boom Lift From Nifty Lift UK

Boom Lifts from Nifty Lift extends from heights of 9m to 21m, there is a niftylift boom lift for every eventuality. Compact, low weight chasis combined with impressive reach performance makes Nifty Lift one of the leading cherry picker and boom lift manufacturers in Europe.

The Cherry Picker and Boom Lift comes in different types:

  • Trailer Mounted
  • Self Propelled
  • Self Drive
  • Track Drive
  • Vehicle Mounted
  • Static Base

Versatile power options includes:

  • Electrical Mains
  • Battery Power
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • LPG
  • Hybrid

What People Say About Nifty Lift’s Cherry Picker and Boom Lift

We chose to run Niftylift HR12N’s and HR15N’s because of their compact dimensions, excellent reach performance and versatile power options. They are perfect for working in confined spaces such as warehouse aisles and the Bi-Energy power option allows them to work inside or out, quietly and with zero-emissions if needed. Low overall weight helps to keep transportation costs down and also reduces fuel consumption on-site, benefiting both us and our customers.
– Bella Access, Gary Smith, Stone, England

Just a note to say how delighted Croft Church PCC are to find a machine to provide access for repairs and painting to such a great height….The even better advantage was the fact that the stabilising supports could be moved out horizontally rather than hydraulically, meaning the machine fitted ideally into the restricted width of the church aisle.
-Croft Church PCC, Roy Sanderson OBE, England.

No matter what your requirements are, there is likely a Nifty Cherry Picker and Boom Lift for you.
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