Corporate Seminars On Changing Corporate Culture

Corporate Seminars On Changing Corporate Culture

Changing Corporate Culture: Achieve The Impossible

In business, corporations are often asked to achieve what seems impossible – double digit growth in the face on a slow economy, competing against cheap imports without cutting into your profits, bring products and services to market in a tight time-frame, the list goes on.

If your corporate culture does not enable you to compete and thrive in the current market environment, as a business owner you should start thinking on changing corporate culture.

I have had the opportunity to have been part of a company that was one of the fastest growing business in the state. In a 10 year period, we delivered year on year growth in turnover and in profits, growing a $10 million company into one that generated more than $175 million in annual sales.

At a different company, we went from a running start to finish the first year at $90 million turnover in sales. This was 3 years ago, a different company but with the same key formula. We operated at a high speed, low drag environment.

Creating A Company Culture
We created a company culture that got things done, all within a working day or at the most, a 24 hour cycle. From top management down to the people on the front-line, everybody knew what was expected of them and if a dateline was missed, you didn’t want to be the one who caused it. Not because of repercussions, but for profession reasons. Were there screw-ups? Of course, it was part and parcel of operating in a business. But we fixed the problems that cropped up and got it done anyway.

We focused on what worked and didn’t waste time with the bright, shiny objects. We sure did not have time for office politics and silos within the organization. It was understood that if you did not do your job, someone was going to do for you and get the accolades.

Changing Corporate Culture: It Takes Commitment

We often look at how the most successful companies in the world are doing, especially their best practices. In does not matter what industry they are in, if there is something they are doing right, you should look into that and see if it can apply to your business.

Often, people would look at companies like Wal-Mart and the way they grew to be one of the largest retailer in the world. Or look at how Jack Welsh turned General Electric, a great company into an even stronger business. But they look at at it without asking if they were willing to go the distance.

Doing What Needs To Be Done
This is what it takes to change corporate culture, commitment to do what needs to be done. It might be unpopular, it might even feel strange at first. This is also where being open-minded and fair-handed comes in, to be demanding and have a measure of patience. By the way, that is what I think leadership should be about.

You have heard of corporate meetings where people really got into it and discussions were frank, open and frankly loud. If you have any passion for what you are doing, there is no way you would be sitting on the sidelines. The whole idea of meetings is to bring issues to the table and come up with a solution for them. Sometimes solutions are hammered out, at other times it was swiftly agreed.

Changing Corporate Culture: Leadership Programs And Corporate Training

Seminars, leadership programs and corporate training are essential to changing corporate cultures. Very often, you need an outside perspective, a different point of view to see where you really stand. This is one of the best ways to disseminate information and corporate news. It is also a great way to get leaders from all areas of the state into one location where you can talk and build connections.

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