How Moms Establish Quickly a Service-based Business (Part 2)

Published on 16-12-2010
By Renata Hepner

If you’re a mom who ever put up a service-based business right at your own home or are just starting to grow one based on the suggestion in Part 1 of this article, you probably know this:

Having a service-based business is plenty of work and can eat up quite a lot of your time.

After all, we only have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Not only must you spend the time working for your clients (not to mention your chores at home), you also spend much time in your service-based business that you don’t get paid for:

– Updating your website
– Gathering new clients
– Consulting with potential clients
– Bookkeeping
– Answering emails from non-clients
– …and the list goes on.

You must take all this into account when planning the growth of your service-based business. Here are some strategies to help you make the most out of your service-based business:

1. Make a decision on how much you want to make and how many hours you want to give for your serviced-based business every week.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that if you want to earn $600 per week, you can just work 40 hours per week at $15 per hour. Once more, you have to understand that if you do your client-work for 40 hours per week there will be other maintenance parts of your serviced-based business that will take you past 40 hours per week.

No work at home mom should work more than full-time hours for full-time pay. Instead, charge a bit more and include your time working on other tasks into the calculations. For example, if you charge $20 per hour, you can have an extra 10 hours to work on non-client tasks and you’ll still make $600 weekly.

2. Employ subcontractors.
You can employ others to work for you to complete projects. Yes, you will have to hire them at an inferior rate to ensure profit for your serviced-based business, but if you give a fair rate and deal with your subcontractors well, you can gain a loyal team of helpers. This means you can accept more clients, can concentrate more of your time in gathering and maintaining clientele by ensuring that they receive excellent service.

When you have more clients and potential clients to draw from, your serviced-based business is expected to have less fluctuations than if you try to do everything yourself.

3. Outsource other duties.
Not only can you have subcontractors do your client’s work…you can hire others who also work at home to complete other tasks for your service-based business. Remember those website updates, bookkeeping and answering emails? Those are the tasks that you can hand over to a work at home assistant.

Imagine yourself as the manager of your service-based business. The manager concentrates on ensuring things are running well and the business (in this case your serviced-based business) is growing. They need not worry about the small tasks like answering an email. They center on the big picture. You must look at the big picture, too.

We all have hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families and I’m sure working eternally isn’t one of yours. And I guess the reason you chose to have a service-based business at home is to enjoy being with your family.

Trying these 3 simple suggestions will ensure that you are available to:
– Take a vacation
– Take a day off with your sick child (you’re still their mom, after all)…or just take a day off PERIOD!
– Retire someday.

We may be running our service-based business right at our own home, but it doesn’t mean that we should be working all the time.

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