How to Supercharge Your Events

How to Supercharge Your Events

How to Supercharge Your EEDM Events By Rich Schefren

When you take your Core Concept and use it in your EEDM event, it becomes the theme of your entire presentation. Instead of trying to “sell” your audience, you are sharing an exciting, seductive, big idea with your prospects. This concept becomes the sole focus of that communication.

Now I want you to appreciate the power in this – so let me illustrate how this works and connect the dots for you.

As an example, let me explain how this
would work in the EEDM I just completed for my Business Growth System (BGS). While I can’t recap the whole webinar here, I do want to show you how this works, so I’m going to share a few key points to illustrate the Core Concept in action.

I used the same Core Concept from the Internet Business Manifesto for the EEDM event. Both promote the same product – my Business Growth System – and the success of the original manifesto launch is still legendary.

Here is the basic structure I followed during the webinar. Adhere to it, and you could see huge sales at your own EEDM events.

Core Concept: Opportunity Seekers struggle and fail while Strategic Entrepreneurs succeed massively.

Opening: “My purpose and complete focus for the past seven years has been developing unique processes that transform struggling entrepreneurs into massively successful entrepreneurs in the fastest, easiest, and most results certain ways ever developed… And the secret to making that happen for the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve already helped and for you is transforming opportunity seeking into strategic thinking… Right here, right now, during this webinar I am going to show you how to stop working harder and harder and start working smarter and smarter by becoming a strategic entrepreneur.”

Content Piece – Common Enemy: “There are two ways of looking at achieving your business and financial goals. You can either think like an opportunity seeker and believe that you can go from where you are right now to where you want to be with some magical tactic in between…

OR you can start thinking like a strategic entrepreneur, knowing that what’ll take you to where you want to be is your business. You see your business as the vehicle that’ll take you there, which means that you need to think about and build your business the right way. You need to stop collecting tactics…”

Content Piece – False Beliefs Conclusion: “All those beliefs that cause failure are the beliefs of opportunity seekers. That’s why opportunity seekers always struggle, never succeed, and always work ten times harder than they need to for one-tenth the profits they crave. And all those beliefs that create success are consistent with the way a strategic entrepreneur thinks…”

Content Piece – Transition to Close: “So if you’re willing to start transforming yourself into a strategic entrepreneur today, meaning that right now you’re willing to put the opportunity seeker habits of procrastination, indecisiveness, and self-doubt aside and work together with me and the unique processes that I’ve designed for you so together we can design and build your dream business while transforming you into a strategic entrepreneur…”

Opening of Close: “The core of the program is made up of 11 modules designed specifically with the objective of transforming you into an extremely successful strategic entrepreneur, so here’s a quick rundown of the 11 modules you’ll go through and the impact they’ll have…”

Get the point? I’m sure you do. In fact, I mention “strategic entrepreneur” 51 times during the presentation… and nobody who has watched it has said a word. (And remember, I coined that phrase “strategic entrepreneur” in my Core Concept. I know of no other business-building program that makes the claim that they transform opportunity seekers into strategic entrepreneurs.)

Yet, before my presentation is over, I have attendees convinced that to be successful they must make that switch (which is true)… and that I’m the only one who can help them do it (which is true).

That’s the power of leveraging your Core Concept.

Let’s review quickly why this is so powerful…

Point #1 – We’ve determined that if my prospects accept the Core Concept, the logical conclusion is to enroll in BGS.

Point #2 – The primary goal of the content provided during the webinar is to keep prospects engaged while establishing the belief of our Core Concept.

Point #3 – When watching a presentation, viewers best remember the beginning and end of the presentation and the Core Concept is a primary focus of both the beginning and the end of this presentation.

Point #4 – We tend to remember best what’s often repeated. By structuring the event in the manner described, the Core Concept is constantly repeated throughout the presentation.

Point #5 – Each piece of content covered during the presentation logically supports our Core Concept so by the end of the presentation we’ve created an airtight logical argument for the acceptance of the Core Concept.

I’ve just shown you the structure for an incredibly effective presentation. This is the very same structure that can (and should) also be used for writing killer reports, planning blockbuster launches, and designing marketing campaigns that will leave your competitors in the dust.

For more business ideas from Rich Schefren, visit his blog.


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