Job Tracking And Visual Documentation

JobDoc: Job Tracking And Visual Documentation

JobDoc job tracking solutionIntroducing JobDoc, a job tracking and visual documentation tool you can use in your business to make sure the jobs get done. Imagine if your service personnel, agents or auditors are able to document and report when they start the job, and when the job is completed with photos and videos. This is a secure solution which you can access it wherever you go.

JobDoc is for those who uses pictures, notes, video, location, and reference numbers to communicate daily activities via email, and it keeps a copy instantly in your online account. It works for those in the service, insurance, sales industry and as well as those in Management. Use it to track and document a job if you are a small business owner. This even works for corporation where you can send reports back to your head office when you are out in the field.

How JobDoc: Job Tracking And Visual Documentation Works

JobDoc job documentationIt is an online service with the first 50MB free with no time limit and options for corporate clients. You sign up for the service and download the app from iTunes store. You will need a smart device such as an iPhone, iOS 5 or a iPad, and access to the internet, 3G, 4G or wi-fi.

How It Works
The screenshot on the right shows you how it looks like on your device. It is sent by email and you look at your jobs as you normally would.

  • Job order arrives in your email inbox.
  • You arrive at the location and start the job. GPS locates you at the location.
  • You open JobDoc on your iPhone or iPad, click to start the job and add photos of the job that need be done.
  • You can also take a video and describe what the job is.
  • These photos and video go to a folder that is for this job.
  • Send the folder to your head office or to your contractors.

When the job is completed, you visit the client or job site to check on the job completion.

  • Open job folder on JobDoc for this client.
  • Take a photo or video of the completed job.
  • Add some notes about the client.
  • Close the job and send the email to head office.

This gives you and your office a visual documentation on the job done, from start to finish. GPS will confirm when you or your work team is at the location. If you are out of cellphone coverage or have no internet connection, you can save the folder and send it later.

As a business owner, you can sign in to JobDoc and view all the files. You can see how this is going to increase your efficiency in your business. Job documentation ensures your business is doing what it needs to service your clients and make sure you get paid.

Who Is JobDoc For?

JobDoc can be used in a variety of professions:

  • Construction project management
  • Maintenance and service contractors
  • Property management
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance industry
  • Restoration companies
  • Retail industry for display management and store audits
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Safety professionals

Most businesses are already using a number of devices for visual documentation, from digital cameras to tablets. I know service companies who issue digital cameras to their service teams to document their job and we used to do this when I was in the retail industry. The difference is JobDoc offers you a solution to consolidate your job tracking and to do it in a systematic manner.

This is a management tool that allows you to operate your business in an efficient manner and document your work without taking up too much of your time or manpower.

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