Marketing Tips: 5 Tips For Using Marketing in Your Selling

5 Tips For Using Marketing in Your Selling, Instead Of The Hard Sell

In order to thrive in today’s business environment, you need to focus more on marketing then on the hard sell. Prospects are turned of by hard selling. Take a look at Facebook, there are user who post on their wall and keep saying “Buy from me”. The people that I know who does that gets little to no response, and then they say marketing online does not work. Well, let me tell you, if you did that off-line, that is not going to work much of the time either.

The thing is, when the prospect is ready to buy, they will come to you – if you start off by building a relationship. It is one of sharing your expertise, product and service with your target market. Marketing allows you to connect much more deeply with your customers and prospects.

5 Tips For Using Marketing in Your Selling

5 Tips For Using Marketing in Your Selling

5 Tips For Using Marketing in Your Selling For The Sales Team

5 Tips For The Sales Team:
1) Listening is the new prospecting
Prospects and customers will voluntarily and publicly give you sales clues if you listen actively.

2) Educating is the new presenting
Today’s salesperson must be ready to teach, publish and demonstrate expertise.

3) Insight is the new information sharing
Our prospects have access to the best information in the world. They have access to all the information we put out, all the information our competitors put out and all the information shared by customers. Today’s salesperson must help the prospect understand the questions they need to consider before providing the answers.

4) Storybuilding is the new nurturing
Stories are the greatest relationship builders. It’s hard not to like someone once you know their story. Today’s salesperson must actively understand, measure and communicate the real results that clients achieve in every engagement. And they must bring those real-life stories to new customers and prospects.

5) Relationship building is the new closing
Relationship building coupled with education makes traditional closing tactics a thing of the past. Today’s salesperson must build a relationship platform that allows them to provide introductions to anything that a customer needs to meet their objectives, regardless of how unrelated it may be to the products and services their organization offers.

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