MicroShred: Confidential Paper Shredding Services

MicroShred: Confidential Paper Shredding Services in South Florida

MicroShred Florida Paper Shredding CompanyDocument storage for businesses is a legal requirement in many parts of the world, from legal to accounting. Even when it isn’t a legal requirement, all the various departments have stacks of filed documents – from operations to procurement requests. But what happens when you need to remove the non-essential documents? You call for confidential paper shredding services.

In the past, we had a warehouse just to store documents. I have been to many corporations and even in the digital age, a business operation generates a lot of paperwork on a daily basis. On one occasion, I refused to print out an inventory report at the headquarters for the General Manager. After explaining that particular report would have generated in excess of 2,000 pages of printouts for one retail store alone, we settled on a smaller printout.

Not all documents have to be kept, or at least not for the required legal duration. A few years ago, we ran a statewide contest where we gave away a brand new 2 rooms apartment to the winner. We ran that contest 3 years in a row, giving away apartments, cars, motorbikes, and hundreds of household appliances. At the end of the contest, we were left with tons of entry forms submitted by our customers. Documents with our customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, even identity card numbers.

Tossing that in the bin would have been irresponsible so we called in a local company to handle the document disposal. If you are in South Florida, you can call for MicroShred, Florida Paper Shredding Company.

MicroShred: Florida Paper Shredding Company

MicroShred specializes in providing mobile shredding services in South Florida. This shredding company handles everything from small personal shredding services to large corporate document destruction services. They provide shredding services at your location and confidentially destroy all personal or business documents with their mobile shredding trucks. MicroShred services also provide a certificate of destruction upon completion. Impressive.

MicroShred services include:

  • scheduled shredding
  • annual purge shredding
  • off-site document destruction
  • commercial non-paper shredding
  • computer hard drive destruction
  • medical record shredding
  • legal document destruction
  • financial paper shredding

The sensitive documents are destroyed beyond reconstruction and disposed of securely. All the recyclable paper shreds are taken to a recycling center to be recycled.

Why Use Confidential Paper Shredding Services

Shredding documents is a normal routine in business. It destroys important and confidential documents in a way that eliminates any opportunity of identity theft, and protects confidential information. Instead of going through the expenses buying your own equipment and time wasted, it is more cost-effective to out-source this to a trusted company. Shredding services are affordable and is a step in the right direction for working in a more efficient environment.

If you are in South Florida, you can call for this Florida Paper Shredding Company.