Systems In Your Business

Systems In Your Business


When I talk to most entrepreneurs, they tell me they’re not happy.

Their business isn’t performing the way they want it to. Their staff members aren’t working the way they should. The money isn’t coming in the way it needs to. And the entrepreneurs themselves are working 100 hours a week with nothing to show for it but a load of stress.

The problem? These entrepreneurs don’t know how to make their businesses work for them. Instead, they end up working for their business.

If you have a business for the purpose of doing work your love… Enjoying more time with your family… Or earning enough money to live your dream lifestyle… Then working for your business is the wrong way to approach things.

Fortunately, as I’ve addressed in this space before, you can solve all these problems and achieve your business goals… Simply by installing standardized systems inside your business.

I’ve written before about which systems you need and how to implement them. But today I want to discuss something a little different: How to organize your systems once you’ve created them.

You see, some entrepreneurs go through all the effort to develop systems only to find they aren’t being used in their company. This is because the systems aren’t organized in a way that makes them easy to follow.

More often than not, this happens when a company has one bulky procedure manual that sits on a shelf… Gathering dust… And is never read or used.

Obviously, this isn’t the goal here. So let’s talk about the right way to organize your systems.

To ensure that your business reaps the full rewards of the systems you and your team develop, I recommend creating three procedure manuals. Here they are:

1. The Role-Specific Manual
2. The Functional Manual
3. The Comprehensive Manual

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