What Is Your Core Concept

What Is Your Core Concept

The Difference Between Mediocrity and Millions By Rich Schefren

Why do certain marketing campaigns hit the ball out of the part… While others fight an uphill battle from the minute they are conceived?

If you’re trying to take your business to the next level, the answer to this question is critical to your success.

The answer is the secret behind best-selling books… Speeches that have the greatest impact… Reports that skyrocket sales… Businesses that release one blockbuster after another… And any form of communication that stimulates massive action no matter which medium is employed.

This secret is the difference between my Business Growth System (BGS) and a normal business course. More specifically, it’s the reason BGS brought in over $10 million dollars in a few short years… (Most business courses are lucky to bring in a hundred thousand dollars.)

This secret is the difference between Frank Kern’s Mass Control and your run-of-the-mill email persuasion course. It’s the reason Mass Control brought in over $5 million to Frank Kern’s coffers… (The typical email persuasion course is lucky to break six figures.)

I’ve coined a phrase to explain this magical concept responsible for everything I’ve just shared with you, and it’s called…

The Core Concept

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, it is simple. It’s also obvious – but only in hindsight. Once you get it, you’ll never see the world the same way again. You’ll also never allow your business to approach marketing the way it’s been done up until today.

The Core Concept is an idea, but it’s not just any idea… In fact, it’s a Big Idea that can turn a product into a best-seller… Transform a sales presentation into a high-converting sales-pitch… Generate a marketing campaign that commands premium prices while igniting skyrocketing sales… And so on…

So far we’ve said the Core Concept is a big idea that wraps around the campaign, product, or whatever else you’re attempting to package. Let’s add some more to our definition.

The Core Concept is also an exciting idea. You want to share it with others. In a way, it’s a form of social capital – just like a good joke – because you become more interesting in the eyes of whomever you share it with.

It’s an idea that cuts through all the clutter your message (or product) has to compete with. And even though its basic premise might have been said many times before… The way it’s presented makes it new and interesting. It forces those who are exposed to it to stop, take notice, and want to find out more. And in today’s marketplace, where your prospects are smarter, more sophisticated, and more skeptical than ever before, your Core Concept is more valuable than a king’s ransom.

Setting Up the Sale

A core concept is an idea that leads the prospect to buy your product (or buy into whatever it wraps around). In other words…

If your Core Concept is accepted – buying your product, service, or whatever else becomes the next logical (and emotional) decision.

Once the Core Concept is lodged inside the mind of a prospect, it explodes into a desire. A desire to fulfill the opening the Core Concept has just created.

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