Can A Website Increase Your Sales?

Can A Website Increase Your Sales?

How An Offline Business Increased Their Sales With A Website

The question many business owners have is how can a website increase their revenue. My answer is that a website is an additional advertising channel that extends your marketing reach. Whether it can get you more prospects depends on how committed you are in extending your marketing activities online. It is not enough just to have a website on the internet. A website by itself does nothing for you unless you use it to get new prospects.

Case Study Of

This is a client of mine who is involved in the sales and installation of the popular Panasonic and York air-con brands, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He does not know how to access his website, neither does anyone in his office. In fact, his staff is more active on their facebook page than he is. But all you need to know is to check your emails.

His website was built in the second quarter of 2010, and ranks on the first page of Google for the brand, industry and location. These were the keywords we were after. Ranking well for local search will be the priority for most of my clients. Within the first 6 months, he closed a 5 figure deal to supply a secondary line of product to an off-shore client. The only reason why it was not a 6 figure deal was because of the incompatibility of electrical demands of the off-shore client. How would you like to increase your revenue by 5 figures?

In 2011, a local business owner needed help to meet his dateline to open a new restaurant in the city. It seemed that he had an issue with his previous air-conditioning contractor and they had a falling out. What the local business owner did was looked for an air-conditioning company using the search engines. That was how he found my client. I do not know the details of the job but I can tell you that in all probability, it added another 5 figure to his revenue.

Does this happen for all my clients? No. You still need an in-demand product or service, and you still need to be competent in what you do. I have had clients increase their bookings for tours, and increase their enrollment for their business. Both these clients typically go above and beyond what many businesses are willing to do where customer service is involved.

As website providers, we can get your website to rank on the search engines. We can help create content and videos for your company. We can connect you to social media sites. But you need to conduct your business in the most professional manner you can to succeed.

What You Website Must Do

  1. Tell your prospects what you can do for them.
  2. Show proof – awards, news articles, testimonials, videos
  3. Detail information on the inner pages for prospects who like to research your services
  4. Always make your contact information visible
  5. Tell them who you are, how long you have been in business
  6. Create a blog on your website and update it with news, products and promotions
  7. Enable comments and use a contact form
  8. Get them to opt-in to your auto responder
  9. Use social media and link them to your site
  10. Check and answer your emails, comments and social posts

Above all else, be involved. Many business, after doing all this just let it slide. It does not work that way – it just shows how uncommitted you are to your prospects who are online. This does not mean you have to be online every minute of the day, but having a same day response to inquires or comments is not too much to ask

About My Services
If you have a website and it does not contribute to your business, drop me an email and I will take a look for you. That part is free of charge, at least. My website design services can be found here.

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