How To Add Value To Your Business

How To Add Value To Your Business

How To Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Service

Imagine if you went up to a local business owner and tell them that you will give away free websites to their customers, and the websites will be associated or branded with their company name. The websites will be done-for-you, and will be given free. Not only that, the website contents can be updated any time for free. The objective is to increase the business owner’s value to their customers.

If you were the business owner, would you say “YES”?
You get to give away a website, you don’t have to do anything except give it away. There is no cost involved and no inventory. To sweeten the deal, I will brand the website with your brand.

The question I get is inevitably, what’s in for you?
One, I still own the domain name and the advertising space.
Two, I get extend my network and get people to push my products and services for me.
Three, not all but some of them will want their own domain and hosting which I will provide.
Four, they will know who to look for when their company wants a website built.

Make Money By Giving Away Your Service For Free

The free website is used to get their attention. The upsell is a simple information website of 5 pages that I offer for a few hundred dollars. If the business owner sells one, he gets a cut of the sale. The second upsell is a business website or an ecommerce website that sells for a few thousand dollars. Again the business owner gets a cut of the sales.

Very often, the business owner will want you to create their company website for them as well. So all in all, it works out for everybody. Needless to say, you should prepare a blueprint to the owner to tell them how this is structured and so forth.

In essence, you are creating joint ventures with offline business owners, exactly as you would do a JV with an online partner. You can get the business owner excited at the thought of doing internet marketing. Every business owner wants to extend their product lines, services as well as increase their sales and profits. So far, it has been a win/win situation all.

Increasing Value For Customers

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