How To Launch A Website

How To Launch A Website

Launch Your Local Business Website

Many business owners I work with pay little thought to launching their websites when it is completed. A website is an asset, not an expense. Your business website introduces your company and services to prospects, it builds and reinforces your brand. A website can also qualify your prospects for you. If your prospects contacts you by email, chances are a) they have a need for your products or services and b) you can set up a presentation or sales call with the prospect.

Smart Business Owners Will Create A Launch

One of my clients launched their website during one of the biggest event on their calender. After I had handed over the website to them, they asked me to support their launch during their annual dinner. They had invited all their customers, representatives from relevant associations and state departments, and their guest of honor was a State minister.

The website was launched by their guest of honor, and they got me up on the stage to introduce their website. The launch itself was relatively simple, the entire process was shown on the large screen television all around the ballroom. The guest of honor clicked a button and the website was revealed to audience. With loud music, party poppers and a television screens, it looked great.

At the end of the day, it was a great show, with plenty of performances and awards being given out. The customers are impressed, and the client is happy that everything went as planned. So all in all, everybody wins.

Adrian Lee, website publisher

Launching a website for my client.

How to Launch A Website

1. Tie your launch to an important event.
2. Have an emcee for the evening.
3. invite lots of people.
4. Invite VIPs from relevant associations and organizations.
5. Invite someone famous or well-known as guest of honor.
6. Set aside a portion of your speech to introduce your website.
7. Make the launch loud and fun.
8. Give recognition to the members of your organization.
9. Have your webmaster explain the benefits of your website.
10. Put on a great show with live performances.
11. Give out awards.

Before The Launch

1. Complete the website.
2. Create accounts in social websites.
3. Upload videos to video sharing websites.
4. Use book marking websites.
5. Get the website to rank well on local search.
6. Advertise in off-line channels.
7. Published the url to all your office stationery.
8. Prepare powerpoint presentation.
9. Do a press release.
10. Tell everyone you know.