Update HTML Website To WordPress

Update HTML Website To WordPress

Why A Client May Want To Change Their Website to WordPress

There are still many business owners with html websites that have not been updated in a while. In my own experience, these websites are sometimes hacked and gets filled with links to other websites such as casino or online gambling websites.

This happens more often than you think and it happens to websites owned by listed companies. On multiple occasions, I have emailed these companies whenever I see a hacked website.

A website exists to promote your products and services, and it reflects your company’s image. Since a website is accessible worldwide, you really want to make sure everything functions as it should.

Time For A Change For A 2008 Website

In this case, the original html website was built in 2008 and I was initially approached to update the contents. After the content was updated, I recommended that the website be switched to WordPress. As this was not urgent, I did not hear from the owner for a few months.

The next time he contacted me, I took a look at his website and saw that there were outgoing links to dubious websites. Then I looked at his web hosting files and saw a whole lot of folders that we did not know what it was for. Some of it were website development files but the owner said it was not his business.

Even if I cleaned up everything, it will likely happen again. It is much easier to protect a WordPress website. This time, he agreed to re-do everything.

It was a small website with a few pages, so it only costed the owner a few hundred ringgit.

  • We switched hosting plan and started from scratch – no extra cost
  • We used the existing content in a new layout
  • We updated the contact form so visitors can book a room
  • We secured and created auto-backup

The End Result

It has been 2 years, the website is still secure and website visitors have a easy way to contact the budget hotel.

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