Boldness and Faith

Boldness and Faith

12 Days of Christmas Day 12: Boldness and Faith – even Romance! – in the Face of Disaster

On any given day my subscribers face all kinds of challenges: Business challenges, marketing challenges, personal challenges, health issues, family crises.

Sometimes the level of inspiration that would suffice for inventing a sales hook isn’t enough to power you through a real crisis. Sometimes you need some monster inspiration.

Well I got some of that just this week. My friend and neighbor Joy Sherfey has a close relative, Lisa Fox, who’s been to surgery for the second time for a brain tumor. Lisa is a 39 year old mother of young children, and this has not been a fun time for anybody at the Fox household.

She is weak, she’s on chemotherapy, and her memory, speech and motor skills have all been seriously affected by the surgery. She brings a spoon or fork to her mouth with considerable difficulty.

Her husband Rich brought her from the hospital a few days ago, on their 17th wedding anniversary. Rich prepared a special dinner surprise.

While they ate, piano music was playing in the next room. Her favorite song came up, and at that point he led her by hand into the living room.

It wasn’t a CD. It was a real live concert pianist.

Huntley Brown, a wonderfully gifted musician, was in Chicago for a concert. Rich had contacted Huntley – “Mr. Brown, you’re one of my wife’s favorite musicians of all time, and we’re struggling with this situation…”

Rich persuaded him to sneak into their house and make the evening special.

Grand slam, Rich. Congratulations on the romantic achievement of a lifetime!

That was a week ago, and the Spirit of Music has helped her along since then. She normally has a difficult time talking, but there was special music at church and Rich heard her singing along. Then she came home and — despite having a hard time eating and getting dressed — she miraculously played her piano for 45 minutes.

Lisa’s not out of the woods, and no one can say how her recovery will go. But her husband is obviously not sitting glumly in a stew of self pity. His eyes laugh in the face of disaster, and he has turned the grimmest of situations into a celebration.

Dear subscriber, I don’t know what your situation is, but odds are you’re facing something.

Rise up and face it with courage. And humor. And be sure and add a bit of romance. You too can laugh in the face of disaster — and in fact that disaster may be the crucible that perfects you so you can rise to the next occasion.

Carpe Deim.

Perry Marshall
Article reprinted from 12 Days of Christmas Day 12: Boldness and Faith – even Romance! – in the Face of Disaster, written by Perry Marshall

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  1. There are so many type of cases we can think of, anyway in the end life fcuk us all;2