Inspirational Video

Each one of us on this earth has it.
The ability to lead and inspire.
Sometimes our work feels so small and insignificant.
But remember, a ripple can gain momentum,
and build a current that is insurmountable.

Begin with one small step.
Don’t let others stand in your way.
Walk your own path.
Some may laugh.
So what? Many will follow.

Don’t ever give up.
Success seems largely a matter
of hanging on while others have let go.
Fear keeps people small,
Run towards your fears and embrace them.

On the other side of your greatest fears
lives your greatest life.
Get out of the stands,
get on the court,
Play the game of life.

Take risks,
leap and the net will appear.
Be positive,
what you think is who you will become.
Dream big,
whatever your dreams are.
Go for it,
you will inspire others.

When someone does something good,
You will make two people happy.
Be a positive role model.
Be the change you want to see in the world.


The post above is from this inspirational video.
When you are ready to make the change in your life, click here.


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