Rocky Balboa Inspires

Rocky Balboa Inspires

Rocky Balboa, The Working Man’s Hero

I must have been about 10 years old when I first saw Rocky. Even then, that character made an impression on me. As the later movies got released, we would meet up and go to the movies together. At that time, Rocky was inspiring and I loved the theme song. It was and still is a good movie. Before, the movie was just fun to watch, and made you feel positive about. The last one, Rocky Balboa, really made me think. Maybe I am a little older now, and maybe being a parent made me look at life in another perspective.

To me, Rocky is about life, and dealing with the inevitable hits that you will receive. It is about digging deep within yourself and finding the will to overcome challenges. Most of us have a support team around us, family, friends, colleagues, even the management. But no one can pull you up off your knees, except you. You have get up on your own two feet before the rest of us can pull you up higher. Stop making excuses and stop blaming people or circumstances for the hole you are in. Once people see you make the effort to be better than you are now, many will extend their hand to help you. It may seem unlikely, but I have found that people will actually root for you. Even if you don’t know it.

Watch this video clip. It is inspiring, it is motivating. So take a few minutes and let Rocky Balboa give you one of the most inspiring prep talk you will ever hear.


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