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Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website

Mobile Website Kota Kinabalu

Nearly 95% of Smartphone users find local businesses using their phones worldwide. This is a huge opportunity for your business if you position yourself correctly.

Having a mobile website gets you in front of more customers and increases your chances that someone will make a purchase. By not having a mobile optimized site, you are just giving your customers to the competition.

People are using their phones more and more to do searches on the internet. Mobile phones are taking over. More people own a mobile phone rather than a PC or a laptop. So when you have a mobile website enables you to connect to your prospects and market no matter where they are.

responsive mobile website from KK web designA mobile website is a version of your business website that is quick to load and easy to view on a mobile phone. It can also be a responsive website that displays for mobile devices such as the Apple iPad or Android tablet like a Samsung Note 2. One of the reasons your business must have a mobile website is your visitors to view your website no matter the device they are using.

Online Shopping In Malaysia – A Growing Trend
According to a study by Paypal which was conducted by Nielsen in 2011,

“revealed that Malaysians spent RM337 million [US$109.9 million] through their smartphones in 2011 – representing close to three quarters of the total mobile commerce market – compared to RM108 million [US$35.22 million] through tablets…. The median spend per head on smartphones was RM494 [US$156.74], which is slightly higher than the median spend of RM464 [US$147.22] via tablets.”


Mobile Websites Plus Web App For Smart Devices

Mobile Web AppClick To Call
When consumers use their mobile device to access your information, they can just click a link to call you directly on your business phone number. This will be a great advantage to your target customers because it makes it convenient for them to connect and communicate with you directly from their phones.

Website Mobile App
We can turn you website into a web app that downloads to any mobile phone or device – Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple Mini iPad, Android phone, Android Tablets. When an smartphone user visits your site, there will be a pop-up that tells them to install your app on their phone. It downloads and installs in one click, just like any other app you see in an app store. It auto-detects the mobile device the visitor is using.

Once they have installed the app, it goes to their home screen on the phone. They will see your app every time they use their phone. Can you see the marketing potential of having your web app every clients’ smartphone? You can install on your own smartphone and promote your web app to your customers.

Affordable monthly fees to make sure you get the latest updates.

We Build Mobile Websites For Your Business

Are you using a responsive theme or a mobile theme for your website? Both can work, but you need to test. if the responsive does not show up well on a smartphone, use a mobile theme. We can help you with this.


Mobile WordPress Theme

  • Transform your content to mobile
  • Ready to go mobile theme
  • Select your pages for mobile
  • Web app for your website

Web App

Web App For Mobile

  • Transform your content to mobile
  • Ready to go mobile theme
  • Select your pages for mobile
  • Includes Web App

Web App Annual Fees

Web App Annual Fees

  • Includes updates for Web App
  • Includes support for Web App
  • Includes support for Mobile Website
  • For 2nd year

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