The Leadership Role

The Leadership Role

For those of you in the leadership position, often you are not appreciated enough for what you do. A leader, or a manager often provides motivation and drive for the organization. He is self-motivated, and when things go wrong, he finds the solution for the problem. The leader is in the spotlight, and what he says or does can make a difference in the business. He must be full of energy all the time, no matter what life throws at him. That is what being in the leadership position is about.

Contrary to misconceptions, being in the hot seat isn’t being able to take it easy. Although it can sometimes look that way. I remember when my assistant got promoted to take over my position in a previous company. In the early days, she would often call me up and we would go through what needs to be done at the business level. Something she said stuck with me all these years. She asked,” I did not imagine that there would be so much to do. There are so many things to take care of. Why did it seem so easy when you were doing it?”

The answer is we make it look easy, that is why we get paid the big bucks. We do the same job, get the same results but our methods are different. We keep our cool even when things look to be falling apart. Besides, how would it look if the management was running around all over the place with their hair on fire. That is unlikely to build trust and confidence.

Being the leader, you have to communicate and get your message across. Whether it is within the company or to the public. You are the voice of the business, and you speak on behalf of the company. It could be a meeting with your peers, or a presentation to the group management, you must be able to speak. Speaking in public to 300 people takes some getting used to.

Watch These Videos

This 2 videos are from Darren LaCroix, world champion speaker 2001. I have been following his tips for the past year, and his lessons are both interesting and relevant. It can help you become better at communicating with your listeners. The videos are short, but there are things you can learn.




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