Turning Failure Into Success

How You Can Turn Failure Into Success

Think of any great achievement in our history and you can be certain that every achiever has experienced failure countless times. Every scientific and technological accomplishment has stories of great failures. It is only their perseverance that has enable us to reap the benefit of their successes.

Failure is defined as the inability to accomplish a stated objective. We are deemed to have failed if we deliver results that are less than anticipated. So what? Failure is the precursor to success.

The greatest favor you can do for yourself is to change the definition of failure. If history is any teacher, failure is giving up too soon. By taking one more swing at it, you might have turned failure into success. You only fail if you give up. Be honest with yourself. How many times did you take a swing at it? Did you let yourself be overwhelmed by the challenge? You simply stopped trying.

If you gave up, it is because you made the choice to fail. It does not matter what the reasons are, the fact is you chose to throw in the towel.

All that is required to turn failure into success is the choices you make. Change your altitude, focus on what you need to do, and get back into the fight. You can succeed if you make the choice to succeed.


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