When You Work For A Company

Working For A Living

At some point in our life, most of us have ended up working for someone or some company. There is nothing inherently wrong with working for a company. In many cases, the company is providing a needed service to the consumers. But most of us dream of the day we are free to pursue what we want in life. Or to own our own business. It’s just that you don’t get anywhere without starting from somewhere.

The biggest issue we have with working for a living is that we are trading time for money. As long as you collect a paycheck, your time belongs to the company and sometimes this includes weekends. When you trade time for money you end up missing a lot of things in life. Things like family celebrations or your kids growing up. In my case, I’ve missed years of family celebrations and holidays while building a career.

If you like your job or the company you are with, by all means stay with them. I have had the opportunity to work for and work with people I respect. I had also worked with a company that took care of our own, even when the times were tough. You learn a lot during tough times, like really pulling together and commit to making the business a success. You can achieve amazing results when everyone within an organization have a common goal. Having been through tough times, you are ready for just about any challenges in life.

If you work for a company, give it your all. And this applies to whatever it is that you do. Even when you intend to quit your job in the future, while you are there, commit to doing the best job you can. Not just for your company, but also for yourself. You see, you are building equity for yourself while you are working for someone else. You gain experience, money, skills, self-discipline and even a reputation. Believe me, people will know you by your reputation and the work you have done. Integrity and work ethics count for a lot.

I have been in various managerial positions through out my career, and there are no substitutes for personal leadership and commitment. A manager is a coach, a cheer-leader, a team leader. He is also the force that drives the business, the person who executes the business plan. I like to tell the people I work with, if you are here just for the paycheck, you will not get anywhere in your career. To get ahead in life, you have to grow. You are here for more than a paycheck, you are here to learn a business, and what it takes to make the business profitable. You are here to increase your skills, knowledge, and to gain experience. Not just work experience, but also life experience.

If you can do this, you will find opportunities presenting themselves to you. If you are here for just a paycheck, you won’t last long because your mind and heart are closed. I believe that when you work for a company, you ride for the brand. If you are willingly to go that extra mile, you will achieve the success you want.


  1. hehehe… true, give it all the best as you can when u work for a company. It will benefits to you.. and you will gain more experience and skills besides the pay….

  2. It’s easy to complain about your company when things aren’t going well, anyone can do that. It is being able to deliver great results despite the constraints in your organization that defines you.

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