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The first step to getting the sale is to have customers coming to your website. The question many people ask is how do people know about our website. This is where search engine marketing (also called Search Engine Optimization or SEO) comes into play.

Atlanta Search Engine Marketing The aim of search engine marketing is to make your website visible to the people looking for the services you offer. Companies such as Atlanta Search Engine Marketing, provides SEO services that positions your website to appear near the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) across the major search engines.

Home Page, Keywords and Titles

Your home page should introduce what your company is about and how it can help your customers. When your customers visit your website, you have to get them to be interested in your products and motivate them to buy your product. The keywords that you use are relevant to what your customers wants. While your home page is about your company, it should focus on what you can do for your customers, by providing clear and unambiguous information.

Your keywords serve to identify your product and service to your customers. It is the words they would use to search for your service, ie CCTV installer in your location, security services in your location or pest control in your location.

Your titles are the titles in your web pages, such as articles and posts. Depending on your industry, this might include a brand and product model if it already has some market share. An example would be if you sell new or used cars, in which case people will likely be searching my brand and model. Titles can also serve to sell the benefits of your product, you might say, “How to make international calls to anywhere in the world using your product”.

If you happen to sell more than one product or service, provide all necessary information about the products by giving each product their own page. If you design a website you think will attract customers but you don’t really know who your customers are and what they want, it is unlikely you make generate much business. A business website is an extension of your storefront or part of your sales channel.

Is Your Contact Information On Your Website Clearly Visible?

Always provide your contact information, preferably on every page of your website, complete with mailing address, telephone number and an email address that reaches you. Include a Google map and your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Google Plus. People may need to contact you about sales, general information or technical problems.

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