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Possibly The Best Directory Submission Software For The Price

Directory submission, article submission and bookmark submission should be part of your search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation tactics. This ensures that your website can be found on the internet by people and search engine spiders, by the way of links to your website. The more links you have back to your website can help your rankings on the search engines, as well as your pagerank (page rank may or may not be much of an indicator these days).

This is commonly known as backlinking. However, this also depends on the quality of back-links. If the backlinks to your site is from established websites, they will carry more weight (also commonly known as link juice). As you might imagine, building back-links is a time consuming process and is one of the least enjoyable part of online marketing. Hence, many people chose to out-source this part of the job.

Out-sourcing can be the most effective use of your time, and it can free you from having to do the tedious jobs. There are many places where you can out-source your work for an affordable price. There are downsides to out-sourcing, you have to choose who to out-source to and although affordable, the money you spend does add up.

Automation Is The Key To Directory Submissions

Best 3-in-1 Directory Submission SoftwarePHP Dir Submit, formerly Submitter Script, is a powerful and easy to use turnkey PHP script that allows you to submit to website directories, article directories and bookmarking directories. You can get started right after you install the PHP script and submit to 300 website directories, 300 article directories and 300 social bookmarking sites. And it is 100% whitehat.

What Does It Do?
It is a web-based semi-automatic submission engine that you can use to submit websites, articles and bookmarks from one place. Once it is installed on your web server, you need to configure the program. The configuration is simple enough, it is found on a single page and is less than it takes to configure your wordpress blog.

You will need to install on your web server, it works for either Linux or Windows, requires Apache with PHP 5, MySQL and cURL. Most web hosting already meet these requirements.

It comes preloaded with hundreds of directory sites, you can add an unlimited number of other directories and bookmarking sites. It has a built in function to remove duplicate directories. You can also check the status of all submitted websites, articles and bookmarks with one click, and export submitted websites, articles and bookmarks to Excel. Here is the best part, you can out-source this to a VA (Virtual Assistant) and check their work as reported in the excel report.

Which brings us to the next step on how to make money with the best directory submission software.

Making Money With PHP Dir Submit

Yes, you can start a profitable directory submission service business without having to pay thousands of dollars for a program. Once installed, you will have an easy to use web-based SEO tool that anyone with an internet connection can use to quickly and easily submit websites, articles and bookmarks. If you choose to, you can use PHP Dir Submit as a directory submission software to submit your client websites.

I am sure you can see the ways you can set up a business with this software. You own the software license and it is installed on your web hosting, you can use it for your personal websites or start an business with this. Having tested the software and the admin dashboard, this might be one of the best directory submission software available.

Test-drive the Best Directory Submission Software from and check out the unlimited license.