Business Blogging Can Help Your Sales Grow

Business Blogging Can Help Your Sales Grow

Business Blogging Can Help Companies In Sabah Grow Their Customer Base

It is all about the flow of information to your target market using business blogging. By ensuring your target market get the latest information in your products, brands or services, you will be viewed as a trusted source of information. Business blogging helps facilitate your connection to your market.

The objective is to create a communication channel to your target market, to ensure the information your prospects receive is timely and accurate. Your website only has to do one thing well – communicate to your prospects and customers.

Having an effective presence on the internet, as well as on social media sites work very well in putting a face on your business. I believe most people would prefer to do business with someone they know, and my own results have proven that social media can generate sales.

How Business Blogging Helps Your Business

The benefits of business blogging can be of tremendous value to your company. It does depend on how you utilize your blog and how much effort you put into it. Done correctly, it builds trust and trust is the most important value you business has.

  1. Authenticate Your Company – Your website is an extension of your business and needs to be treated as a company asset. A regularly updated website with all your contact information works to build trust with your customers and prospects.
  2. Puts A Face On Your Company – The human touch in any business goes a long way to closing the sale and ensuring customer loyalty. The more real you are to your customers, the more forgiving they might be whenever a problem occurs.
  3. Conversation With Your Market – It allows you to have a conversation with your market, find out the problems your prospects have and come up with ways to address those issues. This can lead to better customer satisfaction, better customer service and can grow your product lines.
  4. Showcase Your Expertise – Communication also works to establish your expertise in your industry. The more you communicate with your prospects and customers, the more value you deliver to your business relationships.
  5. Deliver Overwhelming Value – Imagine whenever a client has a problem, the business owner is ready to resolve their issues. You can also deliver tips on how to solve problems or the most effective way to use your products. Even give bonus and promotions to existing customers online.

Having a blog on your business website is the most cost effective advertising channel I know. In no other advertising media do you get a conversation with your customers, or to get deep insight into their needs. There is very little difference between the way a consumer in the US search for products and services online compared to the consumer in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. In my previous company, we communicate by emails, transactions are done online, and we use the internet to search for products, services and business partners.

In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I estimate that at least 70% of companies and consumers are using the internet in one way or another. At work, at home and on their cellphone. This makes the case to establish your online presence either through a company website or on a social network.

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

Your target market must be able to find you on the internet. In most cases, this means your website has to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. When you decide to implement your company website, make sure that your website will rank. That is what I do for my clients and your webmaster should do for you.

Online Sabah Business Directory

You can create a Business Page on my Sabah Business Directory. Unlike other directories,, will showcase your business in an article with photos and videos, and includes your business contacts, google map and links to your social network account. This will ensure that your business page will show up on the search engines and visitors can contact you.