How To Make Money With A Blog

The Big Question: How To Make Money With A Blog

How To Make Money With A BlogThe people I meet on a daily basis almost always want to know how to make money with a blog when they find out that blogging provides me with a steady stream of income.

Recently, I was at my local bank collecting a payment from Google and once the bank teller saw who the sender was, the inevitable question follows.

What I do is give them my business card with my websites printed on the back, and tell them to visit the websites. Then if they are really interested, they can give me a call or email me directly.

Making money through blogging is not exactly rocket science, but as it is with most things, there are best practices and multiple ways you can generate income. Blogging is an aspect of internet marketing and there are techniques you have to learn. Depending on what numbers you are looking at, there are an estimated 450 million websites on the internet. So how can you make your website stand out?

The Answer Is To Find Your Niche
I know you have probably heard all this before but it bears repeating. You have to find a topic, subject or niche that have buyers. It helps if you are passionate or knowledgeable on the topic, otherwise it is going to be tough to blog about it.

The reason why you have to find a niche is because you are not competing with all 450 million websites on the internet. Only those in your niche and that reduces the number of websites you are up against. If you can find a sub-niche or a specific segment of the market, that reduces the numbers even more.

This is really the first step you take when you decide to start blogging – Find Your Niche.

Have Something To Sell
Just as important, your niche must have buyers and you have to sell something. You might promote other people’s products for a commission or create your own products.

So what are the things you can sell?

  • Physical product
  • Digital product
  • Your services as a freelancer
  • Your knowledge as a consultant
  • Your own existing business if you have one
  • Even advertising space on your blog

Once you have a product, then we move on to the next part – How To Market Your Blog.

Marketing Blueprint: How To Make Money With A Blog

Marketing is the process of providing solutions to people’s needs and wants, at an acceptable price. It encompasses promotions, advertising, selling and all the activities you need to do. It is just that doing it by blogging can be more effective and less expensive than any other method.

Basically, you only need 3 things:

  1. A computer or notebook
  2. An internet connection
  3. A system you can use

You need a system to make money with a blog. Rather than doing it through trial and error, which can be costly, you can join their system and get the tools you need to get started. Ideally a system that has been around for years now and has a proven track record. I have met a few people online who are actively using this Network.

Join Angie Ranelli And Discover The System She Uses
Take a look Angie Ranelli’s blog at This is what you join as a member. Angie Ranelli is one of the people I know who are using this network to jump start their blogging income.

What you get when you join?

  • A WordPress blog – the most popular blogging platform on the internet
  • Marketing training and a blueprint to follow
  • An income stream and products to promote

How To Make Money With A Blog: Why Join Angie Ranelli?

This is an entire business system you can use to start making money online. There are a lot of ways you can generate income on the internet, this is just one of them. This system is useful for those who are starting out and it sets up your blog very quickly.

To be completely honest with you, I am not a member of Angie’s network. I have been online for years and I have a system that I use. I know Angie when I came across her blog on the internet and I know the system she is using. If you are starting out, you might want to take a look at this. At the least, you will be aware of the options you have online.

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