How You Can Sell Ebooks Online

How You Can Sell Ebooks Online Within Minutes

Instabuck, sell ebooks onlineInstabuck is a place to sell your digital products with ease. You can sell pretty much anything that is in digital format, music, e-books, code, design, games and photos. I have many friends who are interested in writing and creating books, from professional journals to children story books. To sell ebooks online, you need to create a sales channel and a delivery system, in other words – a website.

With Instabuck, you have a website, storage and delivery system for your digital products.

Do you sell ebooks online but do not have a secure download page? With Instabuck services, it will be protected from unauthorized access.

Need an expiring download link? When someone orders a product she will receive an email with a link to the downloadable file. This link will expire by the moment a customer finishes the download.

Helping You Sell Ebooks Online

The idea behind Instabuck is to free you from the technical aspects of ecommerce – building the sales channel, secure payment collection and digital download. So you can focus on the important things, like running your business.

In my offline work, I help small business owners establish their business on the internet. The biggest barrier to their entry to the internet is lack of technical skills. Issues like web hosting, servers, scripts, designing and building the website, as well as SEO and creating a mobile website.

Instabuck gives you the tools to grow your business

  • Get paid instantly in your PayPal, ClickBank or AlertPay account
  • Real time sales analytics with graphs
  • Protect your downloads from non buyers
  • Use tested landing pages or create your own
  • Google analytics integration
  • Use A/B Testing

Start Now – Sell Ebooks Online

You can get started with Instabuck for a very low monthly fee. Yes, this is a paid service. In my opinion, this is a good way to get started – Fast.

This is what their package looks like, with prices starting from $4.99 a month for the Starter package.
The packages are Starter, Basic, Premium and Platinum.

  1. Landing Pages – up to 35 pages for Platinum
  2. Product Storage – up to 40GB of storage for Platinum
  3. Products – Unlimited
  4. Sales – Unlimited
  5. Real Time Stats – all packages
  6. A/B Testing – for Platinum and Premium

Want to sell ebooks online or any type of digital products? This looks like a pretty good service and you get a 7 day free trial.
Visit and check out their services.