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Linknami Online Advertising Network And Free Online Marketing Community

There are networks that let you promote your websites and articles on their network. Linknami is a network that accepts advertisers and publishers to join for free. Linknami lets you advertise your website or blog to a targeted audience, to drive traffic to your sites and lets you monetize each of your webpages.

On my first visit to their site, I found it a little confusing but not really in a bad way. Firstly, the website is huge. There are plenty of pages, how to instructions, and so forth. You really need some time to get the hang of it and see the possibilities on how it can work for you. Secondly, the website offers A LOT! You can choose to be an advertiser or a publisher within their network.

How Does Linknami Work?

Right, now you know Linknami is an online advertising network and a free online community. It allows you to advertise on targeted websites in order for you to reach your target audience. It also allows you to monetize your website by being a publisher running banner ads, contextual ads, text ads and sponsored articles. Here is how it looks like.

linknami online advertising network

Monetizing and Advertising with

For Advertisers
This can work for you if you are looking for affordable, targeted online advertising. Get ultra-targeted traffic for a flat monthly fee by displaying your ads on relevant pages that you select or site-wide on websites and blogs. You can manage your advertisements campaigns in your control panel, search for relevant webpages to put your ad on and you can cancel your non-performing ads at any time.

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Text Ads
  3. Text Links
  4. Contextual Links
  5. Content Snippets
  6. Sponsored Articles
  7. Paid Blog Post

The cool thing about it is that you can advertise on specific single webpages that are related to your offer or opportunity and profit from the social media traffic new pages create when they go viral on social networks. This is the traffic getting part of the deal. Not to mention the incoming links you can generate to your website.

For Publishers
The Linknami publisher tools give you the opportunity to monetize each of your webpages individually, from top to bottom. You can make money by publishing a wide range of banner ads, text ads, text links, blog posts and sponsored articles on your website or blog. Get your own ad inventory page that you can manage and update whenever you want.

You can start making money with blog advertising today. I can tell you that all blog owners are looking for ways to monetize their websites. This is to my mind, a good place to start. You get paid for adding a code to your blog. It does not get simpler than that. You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want via paypal, check and wire transfer. There are no limited payout periods.

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