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PageOne Curator: PageOneCurator is the Ultimate Curation Software

Paul Clifford’s PageOneCurator is the ultimate solution to building and managing all your niche blogs. The advantage of curation is that it is Google-proof at the moment. With the far-reaching implications of the Penguin update, curating content has proven to be immune to Google’s algorithm changes so far. The best part of curation is it is the a white hat method of generating content without the work of writing all your content from scratch or the expense of out-sourcing your content creation.

Not to be confused with auto-blogging, which is pulling content from blogs on the internet and publishing it as a feed or publishing as it is. I bought 3 so-called curation software and plugins from WSO this year, and PageOne Curator is the only software that does curation. The rest of the other scripts are nothing more than auto-blogging under a different name.

PageOne Curator: What Is Curation?

Curation is where you pull content from websites on your niche topic, adding your own content to articles of interest and republish the content on your website. The difference is that you do not publish other people’s content in its entirety, only using snippets or quoting from the original article, and you accredit the original content by providing a link.

You can build an entire article with a hot topic on the internet this way, by linking a series of articles together and by presenting your own views, opinions on the matter. You always credit the original article by providing a link-back. Typically, it looks like this:

  • First paragraph – Your own words
  • Second paragraph – Quote or snippet from original article
  • Third paragraph – Quote or snippet from the next original article on the same topic
  • Fourth paragraph – Quote or snippet from another original article on the topic
  • Final paragraph – Your own words, summary, findings

The whole point is to bring something to the discussion. I firmly believe that you should only write a post if you have something to say. That is why I only create websites on niches that I am really interested in. I am aware that not everyone feels the same way, and you can always out-source the creation of a hundred niche blogs and run that as a business. In either case, PageOne Curator will do the work for you and it does it in such a way that you do not such rip other people’s content from the web.

You can always curate content without any software, but you can imagine the time it takes to go through ten’s of blogs. This is why you use an automated solution and this is what PageOne Curator does.

PageOne Curator: Why Curate?

Content is the only thing google is interested in and the solution is not copying other people’s content, or writing and spinning our own content. Curation websites has been proven to work. There are some huge authority sites that are now household names using this technique. The best example is The Huffington Post. Not only is the content readable and useful, the posts typically ranks very high on Google search results. The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington sold her site to AOL for a reported $315 million in 2011.

PageOne Curator is a user-friendly software that finds content from authority sites and enables you to post to multiple blogs with one click of a button. Creating and curating your own blog empire has never been easier. It does so in a sensible and white-hat way, without the need to attempt to game Google or find loop-holes in Google’s algorithm. It just lets you fully utilize your time and help you generate unique content for your websites.

I have never liked auto-blogs, and the PageOne Curator is not an auto-blogging software. It will even show you how to properly curate content without threading on the dark side. Don’t just take my word for it, you can and should visit PageOne Curator and make your own judgement. I have the software and it was a pleasant surprise to find a software that works right out of the box on WSO.

Visit PageOne Curator here.