The Definition Of Online Marketing

The Definition Of Online Marketing As Posted On Online Sabah Facebook Page

Marketing anticipates and measures the demand of a specific group of consumers, and responds with a product or service that serves the wants of this target market.

  1. There is a specific demand
  2. There is a specific group of consumers
  3. Creates a product or service that serves this market

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Online Marketing serves the same function using the internet as a marketing channel. It uses all the principles of marketing in a traditional business; the marketing channel may be different but the same rules apply.

The advantages of online marketing are:

  • The relatively low entry cost in using the internet as a channel
  • The ability to reach and communicate with your target market
  • The ability to reach and test multiple markets
  • The speed and ability to test and measure your marketing results

Online Marketing is building an asset that operates 24 hours, where your market can communicate their user experience, demands and needs with you. In turn, you can connect to your market to gain feedback for product and service improvement. Imagine building a information channel where your target market can access, review and evaluate your products and make a purchase.

What Online Marketing is not:

  1. It is not just advertising
  2. It is not just a sales channel

Online Marketing allows you to communicate your marketing message to your target market. You can to connect to specific segments of the market – making your marketing more effective. connects your business to your target market in Sabah. Create a business page in our Sabah business directory and you will extend your reach on the internet. Our business listings are found on the search engine results page, with your business contacts.

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