Upload Your Product Videos To YouTube

Upload Your Product Videos To YouTube

How You Should Use YouTube To Host Your Videos

As a business, you should have videos that showcase your company, products and services. An astonishing number of people watch videos on YouTube, and they do so on their computers, tablets and smartphones. It is all about making your products available and putting your services in front of people.

The best part is you can host your videos on YouTube for free and there are benefits for doing so. But first, let us see how you can create videos to showcase your business. One thing I should point out, you are not going to create a video advertisement like the ones you see on television. You could but it is not necessary to spend that sort of money.

How To Create Videos For YouTube
1. Use Video Editing Software
You can create videos by putting a series of photographs together and convert that to a video. If you have a video editing software, you can also add a video file to your photos, add a soundtrack and produce the video. So you need a good quality photos, a mp3 file or soundtrack you can use, then you create the video with the software.

If you don’t have a video editing software, you can find one online and download a free version or buy a more capable version. You can also use a browser base service that lets you create videos. Animoto.com is one of easiest to use.

2. Use A Soundtrack For Your Video
Licenses to soundtracks are easy to find and they do not cost much. Or you can prepare your video, upload it to YouTube, then add a soundtrack to your video from YouTube’s library.

3. Out-source Your Video Creation
If you would rather have someone do it for you, you can also outsource it. The amount you spend will depend on what you want to do and how long it takes. For best results, create multiple videos for all your products and services.

Benefits Of Putting Your Videos On YouTube

For starters, YouTube will host your video for free and they have an amazing amount of traffic – over 1 billion users per month worldwide. You may also have noticed that YouTube videos show up on Google search engine results. As a business, people are very likely searching for your products and services right now.

  • Your video is hosted for free
  • Huge local and worldwide traffic
  • Video shows up on Google and other search engines
  • You can add a link to your company website from the video page
  • People can share your video

Take a look at the infographics for some YouTube statistics. If you have no videos on YouTube, you should get started right now and tap into this traffic.

YouTube Infographics 2014