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Exotic Asian Explorer

Exotic Asian Explorer Borneo Website

Exotic Asian Explorer is a licensed travel agency in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with an established business and partnerships in the travel industry. As a travel agency, they understood the importance of having a website online.

My scope of work was to use an existing domain and turn it into a website where they could showcase their tours. It would be build as a eCommerce website except that the online payment processing will be developed at a later date.

Building The Website
After a series of meetings, we had finalized the keywords, design and functionality of the website. The next step was getting all the information and photos that we could put on the website.

The start of the website build is always figuring out what you want to put on the website. In this case, we had quite a lot of nice photos that not only showed off the places of interests, we also had photos of the tourists having a great time in Sabah.

The way I work is simple – give me all the information you have and I will figure out what goes where. The client will give me feedback as we go along, requesting changes and highlight certain parts of the website.

Most of the time, once we are sure of the direction to take, my clients typically let me get on with the job.

Exotic Asian Explorer Borneo – Borneo-Tour.com

Sabah is the destination to be if you are interested in nature, scuba diving and beaches. Sabah is full of natural wonders and we are a multicultural society.

We made it possible for the visitor to contact the tour agency directly if they have a question or wanted to plan a tour. By using forms, the visitor can select the tours or create their own tour. The agency will get in touch with the visitor and make it happen.

Exotic Asian Explorer website is build with the latest technology
We always focus on speed to market and low cost, without giving up functionality or security. We only deliver work that we can be proud of and the finished product must satisfy the client.

Exotic Asian Explorer Borneo Tours – Making Their Website A Success

A website can definitely help your company as a sales channel. For that to happen, you must operate your business in the most efficient and effective way. If you have operational efficiency, a website extends your reach in your target market.

The travel industry understands that the internet can help them in their marketing efforts. When it is backed by a company that understands customer satisfaction, it is a winning advantage.

You can see their website at www.borneo-tour.com.

Exotic Asian Explorer Borneo website

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