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Kindergarten And Playschool Website Taska dan Tadika Sri Kandi

Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi, is a Kindergarten with branches in Penampang and Iramanis. They are also known as Little Angel Kindergarten, a modern kindergarten whose students are also involved in art competitions and dance performances around Kota Kinabalu area. One event I always look forward to is their Annual Concert, organized as a big event, well attended by VIPs, parents and friends of the kindergarten.

Their website was launched during their 2010 Annual concert by a State Minister of Malaysia, and attended by President of the Kindergarten Association in Sabah.

The Website Design
This website was built using the business theme which is easy to update and it looks perfect for their kindergarten! It is important for a kindergarten website to contain lots of photos and videos of their activities. We felt that it was important for the parents to see the activities in the school.

Taska Dan Tadika Permai Ria
Another aspect of the website was that we had to showcase their sister kindergarten and playschool, Tadika Permai Ria. So in total, there were 3 different branches with their separate activities. Permai Ria Kindergarten is in Taman Indah Permai, Sepanggar. Using Facebook To Connect With Parents

The owner and president of these kindergartens agreed to let me create their social accounts on Facebook. I tried to impress on business owners the importance of being social these days. It puts a face on your business, gets your staff to promote your business and more importantly, allows your customers to interact with you. Their Facebook accounts have hundreds of fans, most of whom are parents.

The best part is, we increased registration to the kindergarten based on our Facebook interactions. A parent asked me why I was promoting this kindergarten, and I explained that my child attended this kindergarten and I am their webmaster. It turned out that he was looking for a kindergarten in the Penampang area and ended up enrolling his child into the kindergarten.

With kindergartens and playschools, when parents can see the classes and activities in the school, it builds trust. Most of the time, parents cannot see what is happening during school hours. In this case, we could show them photos and videos fairly often. The Goal Is To Increase Enrollments

Most business owners are familiar with the internet and wonder how they can make use of this media. My job is to show them the marketing objectives of having a business website. In this case, it is to increase enrollment every year. That is the business objective and a website can help you do this 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You can see how their website looks like at

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