KMT Global Rent A Car

KMT Global Rent A Car

KMT Global Rent A Car Kota Kinabalu

KMT Global Rent A Car provides rental cars from KKIA, KKIA Terminal 2, KK city and from airports around Kota Kinbaalu and Sabah. Their website was built in early 2012, originally it was a simple html website that did not function very well and ordering was done by a contact form. As you can imagine, the website was not successful and to add to it, it could not be found on the search engines as well.

My scope of work was to turn it into an online booking website and get it ranked on the first page of the search engines for the keywords they wanted.

Building The Website
This was another website project brought to me by a third party. I built this website, over the course of 2 weeks using a ready WordPress theme.

This time was the issue of the client having Windows web hosting. Windows web hosting just does not play well with WordPress. While it is possible to install and run a WordPress blog on Windos web hosting, you lose a lot of the functions you can build with WordPress.

So I had to contact their web hosting company and asked them to move to Linux web hosting. Normally this is quite straight forward, but it took the better part of a week to do so. This award-winning web hosting company just could not get their act together – their customer service does not talk to their technical service. In the end I had to inform the client why we had to push back the dateline twice!

You can bet that I am never going to use that award-winning web hosting company for whatever reason.

KMT Global Rent A Car Website –

Using the car rental theme we have used before, this build was done relatively quickly. The usual issues of getting photos and information. Most of the time, we have to rewrite and update the information anyway.

When you build a website, you have to provide all the information your customers might need. If you are a car rental company, this means information of cars, costs, insurance, policies and terms of use. All the legal staff has to be on the website.

We always focus on the marketing side of the website, so while the legal issues are taken care of, we want visitors to know that KMT Global Rent A Car provides car rental.

KMT Global Rent A Car Website – An Outstanding Success

This was another 6 figure a year business, just from the website alone. Imagine all the lost sales that occurred before they had an online booking website. All they had to do was build the website.

If you let us build your website for you, chances are it will be on the first page of the search engines for local search. We cannot guarantee this, we can only show you the results we have achieved.

Do not miss out on the possibility of more sales for business. Get your website built today.

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