Malaysian Indian Journey Website

Malaysian Indian Journey Website

The Malaysian Indian Journey 2nd Edition

The Malaysian Indian Journey 2nd Edition is a book published by Peter Chelliah, an independent Indian book publisher in Kuala Lumpur. This book is sold on all leading bookstores in Malaysia and the second edition had just been published in 2012. Well received in the Malaysian Indian community and I believe it is an important book for Malaysians.

It narrates the many accomplishments and contributions that Malaysian Indians have made to the development of modern day Malaysia. Politicians, Doctors, Businessmen, Malaysians of Indian descend is tightly integrated into our society. It is such a blessing to live in a multi-racial society.

On a more personal note, Indian food is wonderfully tasty and my personal doctor is an Indian.

The Malaysian Indian Journey 2nd Edition Website

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the publisher, Peter Chelliah. He wanted a website for his book and the book was to be sold as a digital book as well. Other than that, he let me built the website according to how I felt it should be done.

It turned out that I had to make quite a few adjustments into the website but overall, I did not have to do too much coding. Which was just as well because a custom coded website goes into the high 4 figures in cost. I always recommend that speed to market is what matters, every theme that we use is professionally designed. We approach websites from a marketing aspect – if it works, it looks good and easy to navigate, then it is time to launch the website.

The WordPress theme we used is called eBusiness from Elegant Themes. As I have the developer’s license for this theme, I offer this free to my clients.

The Malaysian Indian Journey 2nd Edition On The Search Engines

If you go to Google, you will sell that this website is ranked first for its keywords. This is the benefit of approaching a website build from a marketing aspect rather than a pure design aspect. Getting it on the first pages of search engines is what is important.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration
I provide web hosting and domain registration for this website. Some of my clients find it easier if they let me take care of this. The website is hosted on a server in Putrajaya and I work with a professional company to make sure our web hosting meets the standard. Web hosting and domain registration has to be renewed on a yearly basis.

You can use your own web hosting and register your own domain, that is not a problem. If you buy web hosting, make sure you choose Linux web hosting and it comes with cpanel. This is the easiest solution.

I see that the owner of this website makes changes to it from time to time, and that is the beauty of using WordPress. It is user-friendly and as long as you do not change the url of the pages, you will be fine. I only get involved when there are major changes that the client wants done.

When the build is over, my services as the webmaster is available but not included in the build. The website belongs to the owner and no one else.

If you are interested in the book, and I hope you are, visit

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