Racefit Titanium Racing Exhaust Malaysia

Racefit Titanium Racing Exhaust Malaysia

Racefit Malaysia: Titanium Racing Bike Exhaust

Racefit is an internationally well known brand of titanium racing exhausts for motorbikes, based in the UK. As you can imagine, titanium racing exhaust is popular with bike fans all over the world, including Malaysia. These are specialized exhaust systems for superbikes.

Racefit Malaysia is the authorized dealer for Racefit UK for the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei market. Racefit Malaysia is a Sabah based company, just a group of superbike enthusiasts who started their own company and somehow became the dealer for such a prestigious brand.

There is an inspiring story behind this website and I knew one of the partners from way back. He was a young man in his 20s, a superbike enthusiast who traveled to all the superbike companies in Europe to see their products and to meet the people. Bike enthusiasts are the same all over the world, and they just speak bike. To make a long story short, he came back with the dealership for Racefit exhaust system from the UK.

Racefit Malaysia: Building The Website

I have been told that it is not easy to find website designers in Kota Kinbalu, Sabah. Anyway, he called me up and asked me to build an ecommerce website for him. The build was challenging as I am not a biker, and it had to be approved by Racefit UK.

Building an ecommerce website means having to build pages of every product in the inventory, and it had to specify what bike which exhaust was for. Then there was the currency conversion and shipping charges. Every product is made in the UK and had to be shipped out from Sabah, Malaysia.

As I recall, this website was ready, and approved within a 3 week period. Racefit UK liked what they and other than a few graphic changes, it went live.

The theme we used was ShopperPress, designed by PremiumPress. This is a full ecommerce website, with shopping cart, multiple currencies and shipping options. This WordPress theme costs US$79 and the license is for personal use only, which means every client has to buy their own license.

Racefit Malaysia: Losing The Website

Unfortunately, the owner met with an accident while leading a convoy of superbikes back from Labuan. As a result, access to online payment accounts were lost and the domain expired. Once the domain expired, the website is lost as well.

When tragedy happens, it is hard to recover a lot of the information. The owner had registered the domain name but the partners lost the information. It was altogether a bleak time, and there were plenty of other issues to take care of. Racefit Malaysia continues to operate without one of its founding partners.

For business owners who want me to build their business website, it is better for me to do the project turnkey, from domain registration, web hosting to website creation. The web hosting company I work with offers world standard hosting in Malaysia.

For those who wish to find out more about Racefit titanium bike exhaust, you can go to the Facebook page I built for them – http://www.facebook.com/racefitmalaysia .

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