Rustic Teak Kitchen

Rustic Teak Kitchen

Vintage Teak Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture

RusTEAK Kitchen was a website project I did towards the end of 2014. The owner designs and builds custom teak kitchen cabinets and furniture in Sabah. They use aged authentic teak wood which is naturally pest resistant and extremely durable.

They regularly run promotions for their prefabricated kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. You might think teak kitchen is old school but they have modern designs that will fit into almost any space.

Building The Website
In the beginning, they did not have a fixed concept of what they wanted. As is almost always the case, I showed them some demo of what I felt they were trying to convey. As it turns out, simple was the best way to go about it. Any visitor who arrived at the website should know at a glance what the business was about. The more you focus on what you do, the better you come across as a specialist.

You can see their website at

Teak Kitchen Sabah

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