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SPCA Sandakan

SPCA Sandakan Website

The SPCA Sandakan website is one of my favorites. I guess it is because I have a soft spot for animals and I respect what they do. SPCA Sandakan is made up of volunteers and they depend on public support to carry out their mission.

This website was commissioned and paid for by one of their members, a successful business woman in Sandakan. When it was completed, I ended up volunteering my services as their webmaster.

Let me tell you it can be a long day when you have to juggle between family, work and volunteer work. All the same, I am happy to make this small contribution. I believe in their mission and I believe everyone who like to be part of something greater than themselves.

My scope of work was to create a new website, to tell people about their mission and to encourage people to recognize that animals should be treated in a humane manner. I also added an online store for them but the online payment process will come later.

Building The Website
These are the type of projects I love to do. We communicated entirely by email and they let me design the website as I liked.

I started out with a demo site to show them how the website will look and function. Once they agreed, I just built it as I saw fit.

In many cases, the client will leave the website structure to me. As long as they saw the key points they wanted, they were happy with the design.

SPCA Sandakan – SPCAsdk.org

As far as I know, there are only a few official SPCA centers in Malaysia. In Sabah, there are 2 – one in Kota Kinabalu and one in Sandakan.

If you would like to get involved, or contribute to SPCA Sandakan, please visit their website.

You can see their website at www.spcasdk.org.

SPCA Sandakan Website

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