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Comcast Deals Versus Satellite TV

comcast dealsUnlike the US, Malaysia does not have cable television. Cable television is a system of distributing television programs to subscribers via coaxial cables or digital light pulses through hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) networks. We have satellite television instead which does away with the need to provide a network of cables for television.

Cable does have a few advantage over satellite television – for consumers anyway. As everyone in Malaysia knows, satellite television provided by Astro does not work if the weather is bad. Rain, thunderstorms or rain with strong winds will block the signal from the satellite. In a tropical climate like Malaysia with moderate rainfall, there are going to be times when you get no signal especially during the wet season.

Another advantage is that service providers are able to provide internet broadband, television and telephone services in one package. When it works, the benefits to consumers results in up to 50% savings compared to having one service for internet connection and telephone service, and another for television.

comcast deals

Comcast Deals: Comcast Triple Play

Comcast offers the ultimate in cable, internet and phone services on the market today and you save when you order the Comcast XF Triple Play. Check out Comcast Deals here.

What makes Comcast so attractive is their XF Triple Play, combining all your communications and entertainment service on cable. XF Triple Play Comcast deals is priced at $99 per month for 12 months.

  • Comcast Digital TV over 80 Channels
  • Comcast High-Speed Internet – Blazing Fast6 Mbps – 12 Mbps
  • Comcast Digital Voice ® – Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Comcast Deals – Comcast Double Play Deals

1. Digital TV + High-Speed Internet

  • 100 + Digital Channels
  • 1000s of Movies & Shows On Demand
  • Blazing Speeds up to 12Mbps
  • Up to 15Mbps with Powerboost®

2. Digital TV + Digital Voice

  • Over 100 of the Most Popular Channels
  • Digital Quality Picture and Sound
  • Unlimited Local & Continental Long Distance
  • 12 Popular Calling Features

3. Digital Voice + High-Speed Internet

  • Unlimited Local & Continental Long Distance
  • 12 Popular Calling Features
  • Blazing Speeds up to 12Mbps
  • Up to 15Mbps with Powerboost®

Comcast Customer Reviews

Really happy with my broadband connection through Comcast. Getting 6 Mbit/s downlink and 384 Kbit/s uplink and my VoIP (Lingo provider) is working great with Comcast broadband. Comcast customer service is very responsive. Previously had Verizon which was cheaper and reasonable speed but wanted to get rid of my landline completely and couldn’t do this with Verizon until “naked DSL” arrives. Don’t recall having any downtime with Comcast and have no plans to change service, very happy!

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