Create Social Events For Your Business

How Social Events Can Create Word Of Mouth For Your Business

In the retail industry, it is very competitive and the goal is to maintain your market-share. I have worked with the leading supermarkets and superstores operating in Sabah for the last 20 years. Over the years, we have given away 2 units of apartments, 30 cars, 13 motorbikes, and a whole lot more. By having events, we managed to maintain our market-share and increase our dollar sales in a tough economy.

Customers vote for your business with their money. If they chose to spend money with you, then you are in business. If they have an issue with, many times they will inform you and let you fix the problem. If you do not address the issue, then they will move their business elsewhere. Who can blame them?

We realized that no company is perfect and you cannot be everything to everybody. If your product is good, if your customers have a “feel good factor” when they interact with you, then your business has a better chance of prospering.

Social events at G-Mart

Creating the Feel Good Factor

What I call the “feel good factor” is when customers feel good about your business. The only way to achieve this is very effective and timely communications with your customers. If you customers care enough to complain, you should care enough to communicate with them. When customers choose to use your product, it is a lifestyle choice. They want to be associated with your brand or product.

This is where Events Organizers come in. Businesses should create activities that involves your customers to make them feel a part of your success. In my last retail company, we did a lot of live performances and contests for our customers. It is to involve them in the business, to say tell them that they matter to you. It is also to have something fresh, something different whenever they come to your store.

There are many Event Organizers who can work with your company to create activities that communicate the benefits customers get when they choose your business, products or services. It creates the “Feel Good Factor” which in turn translate into customer loyalty. You can do everything yourself, but even with an Advertising and Promotions department it is better to out-source this to an event organizer. They have access to sound equipment, stages and backdrops, models, dancers and entertainment performers.

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