Why Funny Print Ads Work

Designing Print Ads For Impact

A print advertisement needs to catch the readers’ attention, and concept designers strive to do this on every ad campaign. Print media like brochures, handbills and newspaper advertisement has to make an impression the first time a reader reads it. There are so much advertisement these days that you are competing for readers attention.

Print Ads have to make an impact and get your message across. It has to be relevant, it has to help them in their life. People don’t buy on price alone, nor do they buy the product with the most features. Consumers buy products and services that fits their lifestyle. They buy the benefits the product provides, and the benefits depends on the needs and wants of the consumers.

Different segment of the market has different needs, that is why you cannot be everything to everybody. Not everyone will be your customer. What you want to do is to go after your target market with advertisements that are relevant to them. This might depend on their age group, their occupation or their income. In other words, this depends on their demographics.

Examples Of Funny Print Ads

Here is a collection of memorable and funny print ads by well known companies and brands.

Softlan print ad

Image source: www.netda.webdesignerdepot.com

Wonderbra print ad

Image source: www.netdna.webdesignerdepot.com

Pedigree print ad

Image source: www.netdna.webdesignerdepot.com

Pepsi Light ad

Image source: www.webdesignerdepot.com

cover girl anime ad

Image source: www.netdna.webdesignerdepot.com

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