50 Most Innovative Companies In The World

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

I read this post published by www.fastcompany.com in their annual guide to the businesses whose innovations have an impact on industries and cultures. Sometimes with all the innovation and information on the internet, I wonder how anyone has the time to read it all. Even for a compulsive reader like me.

Since 50 is too big to list, I list the top 10. If you want to read the full post, the link is below this list.

  1. Apple – No surprises here.
  2. Facebook – Again, not surprised it made the list.
  3. Google – Who owns the internet?
  4. Amazon – Largest online retailer in the world. Where else would they be?
  5. Square – Ok, I’ve not heard of this one.
  6. Twitter – Which has never worked out for me.
  7. Occupy Movement – I suspect most of us wish to be the 1%.
  8. Tencent – A huge technology and telco company in China which AOL can learn from.
  9. Life Technologies – A genetic sequencing service.
  10. SolarCity – What the world should really get behind.

Interesting, Paypal made the list at no. 43. If you looked at their 2011 list, Apple was ranked no.1.
The full list of 50 companies is here, The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.