Alicia Castillo Holley On Creating Wealth And Inspiration

Alicia Castillo Holley, International Author and Speaker

Alicia Castillo Holley is the author of The Ten Unwealthy Habits and Falling in Love with your Life, both sold on In her own words, she loves to talk (and write) about entrepreneurship, innovation, venture capital and passion. She also developed the term “Wealthing” as a systematic approach to creating wealth.

What I find fascinating about Alicia Castillo Holley is that she is living her passion! She started her career as a scientist, she entered the corporate world leading as the head of product development department at Plantagro, a Bayer-Shell Joint Venture. Alicia has started 9 companies and 1 non-profit and consulted and coached hundreds of business owners and scientists. Today, she travels all over the world, and is semi-retired and focuses on researching, speaking, writing and philanthropy.

Falling in Love With Your Life

Falling in Love With Your Life

Falling in Love With Your Life by Alicia Castillo Holley

Falling in Love With Your Life is released as a paperback and is sold on her personal website, and on Amazon. Concerned about the epidemics of unhappiness and her own family struggle to overcome depression, this book grew out of a series of exercises that helped shift negative feelings and give back the joyful childish spark of being alive. You will laugh, reflect and fall in love with your life from page one.

Falling in Love With Your Life is currently being offered together with Ten Unwealthy Habits on for US$22.

Both the books are also available on Amazon, but you can get this 2 for 1 book deal for March 2011 on her website. This is not available anywhere else. Why is there an offer? Because it is her Birthday is coming up soon.

Alicia, I’m going to wish you a Happy Birthday now, in case I miss it when the day comes. You noticed I refrained from mentioning your age.

The Ten Unwealthy Habits

The Ten Unwealthy Habits book

The Ten Unwealthy Habits by Alicia Castillo Holley.

The Ten Unwealthy Habits is a paperbook that is also written by Alicia Castillo Holley. If you are stuck regardless of your efforts and feel you are chasing your wealth instead of enjoying it. This is a book for you. Based on her work with hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking funding, Castillo realized recurrent habits that prevented success. She discusses the key habits and offers a remedy to each invisible habit. Through the lenses of ten people, you will be surprised to find out what is holding them back.

Each habit is paired with a ‘vaccine’ that lifts the break and sets people free. The last chapter highlights a habit- breaking method.

What is best about this book is that she also discloses how to change each habit. For a habit to be CURED, it needs a VACCINE just like when you or your loved one gets sick. So she developed a system of vaccines to CURE THE UNWEALTHY HABITS. YOU will discover the secret insider techniques, and her special way of overcoming these unwealthy habits that we all have.

CD and DVD

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How to fund your million dollar idea, available on DVD and CD, sold together with From Brain to Gain, on DVD for US$47.

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