Why Failure Is Essential To Your Success

“Recognition that failing is a natural by-product of the process of seeking success.”

There is a belief being that the faster you fail, the faster you will achieve success. Numerous books have been written on this, Go For No by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, and The Rich Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki. Failures are lesson learnt the hard or practical way. If someone were to say to you that they have never failed, perhaps it is because they have never reached across their comfort zone.

Failure means you are growing and acquiring the skills to success. Failure helps us identify our weakness, and allows us to play to our strengths. Whenever we met challenges and insurmountable obstacles, we gain persistence. Persistency is what keeps us going on the road to success.

Dare To Failure

Daring to failure does not mean taking chances and risks that exposes you to failure. Sure, in everything that we do in business, there are risk factors. But we plan to mitigate and lessen the cost of failure. Daring to failure means you plan for failure as part of your strategy. It is part of your strategy to have contingency plans when things are not working out. Recognizing the dangers early lets you take action immediately to rectify whatever is not working. Call Plan B or Contingency Planning.

It is a truth in business operations that when you fail to plan, you are doomed to failure.

Dare To Succeed

Personally, I call it Daring To Succeed. It is inescapable that you have to be more than you are right now to achieve any great measure of success. As much as we should play to our strengths, in order to grow in our area of expertise, it also means going beyond our comfort zone. Doing things we might be uncomfortable with or doing more than you think you are capable of. Very often, you do not know what you are capable of unless you have done it.

I have been in management for most of my career, and I managed multi-million dollars business units. Was it easy the first time? Of course not, the stress and uncertainty is hard to describe to someone who has not been there. Ever faced the Board of Directors to report on your business? It has never been easy. Because even if you achieved your targets, any worthwhile company will drill down on to the weakness of the operations in order to identify and rectify the issues.

Daring to Succeed means being willingly to face failures while at the same time building upon your strengths.


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