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APSense – Do We Need Another Business Social Network?

When you mention social network, most people will immediately think you are talking about Facebook or Twitter. These days, there are more social networks coming online that are focused on building business connections. The most notable is LinkedIn and I really suggest you create a profile there. So, have you heard of APSense?

I will almost certainly sign up to most social networks or social bookmarking site. Many of these networks can be accessed by using your Facebook user account, which is really an indication of dominance Facebook has. While initially, you may not want to link all your social accounts, it does make things easier if you market your business or services online. So I sign up and link them to increase marketing reach.

How To Sign Up To APSense Network

APSense business social networkSigning up is a snap. I did it with my Facebook account, and while some may not want to do so, I want to link as many of my social accounts as possible. The first thing I do is to build my profile, add my websites and see where I can add html or BB links. The second thing is to share the news across as many social sites as I can. Then I will see what apps I can use, to share videos, powerpoint presentations or pdf files.

It does not matter if the links are DoFollow or NoFollow. As far as I am concern, a link is a link. I want to make sure that the links lead to my websites or to social sites and eventually back to my websites. Marketing is about taking ground or penetration. So do the work once and you can check your emails if there are any leads.

Then I see what groups I can join. Needless to say, choose one that has plenty of members. Drop in, introduce yourself and see what the conversations are. Most of the time, you can just say hello or answer any questions the person has. Most of the time, I try to help out if it is wordpress related.

Get A Blog On APSense Social Network

With APSense, you can set up your free blog. It is found under: Profile> Business Center. Your blog url will look like this, http://yourname.apsense.com, and it comes in a choice of 8 different templates. It is pretty basic, but depending on your skills, you can always give it a makeover. The idea is to offer you a free blog, where you can feature your business, add more back-links to your sites, and so on.

A service I was interested in is eZineSpace, which you can access with your APSense account. This add-on allows you to publish a company or business ezine online. You can advertise your business, build connections with an online magazine. It is free to use, so why not?

Wait, there is more. You can publish your articles with your links on APSense. Then there is something called a RevPage, which is like a review page. You can also use it to giveaway free stuff. Quite a good idea really, they seem to have built a social network for marketers.

Now, before you say it is too many things in one, I haven’t mentioned the navigation on the website. The navigation really lets you make sense of the network. It is quite intuitive. If you really need help, the FAQ is at the bottom of their website.

APSense Pro Account And Advertising

For more features, you can sign up for a APSense Pro account. Signing up for a premium account will also give you credits you can use. The credits are used to run campaigns. These are like Facebook ads, and the people who click on your ads can claim credits from you.

Then there is paid advertising, user advertising and Solo ads. The Solo ad costs US$49.95 and will get an average of 1000 views. It does not sound really cost effective to me, but then I have never tried their advertisement.

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