How Do You Differentiate Yourself Socially

Now that Nearly Every One is Social, How Do You Differentiate Yourself?

Facebook has over 600 million accounts and is the leading social media website today. Impressive numbers to be sure. Although I think the actual number of real people is slightly less than that, taking into account people with multiple accounts, it is a valuable tool. It allows you to build the face of your business on the internet and differentiate your business from everybody else.

My clients has had customers who signed up because they found us on Facebook. Done properly, Facebook puts a real face to your Facebook page. This works well especially for local businesses. The key is not in promoting your business, it is in making connections with people in your location. These days, consumers expects you to be on the internet, and if they see that you are available online, the trust factor increases.

For a local business, who you are online carries over to who you are offline. Your online presence must reflect who you really are, and what you say you stand for. Don’t even try to fake it. For a local business, a Facebook page can represent their company in the real world.

How do you stand out from the social media crowd?

I came across this website, and they have a lot of very good tips on how to make the most of your social media efforts. If you are using social media, it is well worth your time to read this blog. It is a social web online magazine, and makes for good reading.

Here are some tips on how to differentiate your social media efforts:

  1. Be Unique – Being unique is one of the biggest selling points in any business.
  2. Be Social yet personal – Make that personal connection with your audience.
  3. Be Your Brand – Let them know what you and your business stand for.
  4. Be the Expert – People need to know that you are competent at what you do.
  5. Customize – Inject your personality into your profile and make it unique.

The post can be found here on It goes into more details on the points listed on this post.

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