Infographics: Facebook EdgeRank 101

Infographics: Facebook EdgeRank 101

Facebook EdgeRank 101: What Is EdgeRank?

What is EdgeRank and does it matter? EdgeRank is how Facebook determines what gets shown on your news feed when you log in on Facebook. EdgeRank sets the priority if you will, for the posts you read and it does the same for people who have liked your page. So yes, it does matter if you are using Facebook to market your business.

EdgeRank also measures the freshness of the content, so only new posts will show up on your news feed. This makes sense because that is how social media works – it shows you what is happening now. As you can see in this infographics, it does take into consideration other factors as well.

Facebook EdgeRank 101 infographics

Facebook EdgeRank 101: How Does This Matter?

As a business, if you are using Facebook to engage your audience, this shows you what you should be doing. Different types of post carries different weight, with photos and videos ranking higher than text post. To be honest, I am not too certain of this although it makes a lot of sense. Photos and videos are always the most shared content on social media.

Making a short video is not difficult, any person can shoot a video or put a slide show together. If you are a business, why would you not want to share your photos on social media?

At the very least, your business page should have product photos and event photos to engage your audience. It is what makes people look at your business and if they see you active on social media, it encourages them to find out more about you.

Facebook EdgeRank 101: Make It Work For Your Business

Everybody is on Facebook these days and this is where your business should have a presence. It is surprising to find that many traditional business owners still do not recognize how social media can help your business. But then again, many business owners in Sabah still do not use advertising and public relations to build their business.

There are close to a million Facebook accounts in Sabah – that is almost half the population here. With the profusion of smartphones and mobile devices, people do not need a computer to be on Facebook. So what does that tell you?

For the foreseeable future, social media is here to stay. You are missing out if you are not using social media to market your business.