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Mashtop social bookmarkMention DoFollow links on a social bookmarking website and internet marketers will get excited about the site. For one reason, dofollow links will pass link juice to your bookmarked website which is what SEO is about. The more people bookmarks your link, the more visitors you have and potentially higher ranking on the search engines.

Social bookmarking is a way to share or recommend websites to the public. Obviously the more popular the story is, the website will be bookmarked more often. This could drive a large spike in your website visitors. We share links all the time on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, whenever we find something interesting. It is only natural to share it with our friends.

Submit to You can do the same with your business or company website. It is a form of word of mouth advertising. Whenever someone bookmarks a page on your website, it is a vote of approval. They liked it, it might be your content, or a service that they find useful. Perhaps they have had dealings with you and they like what you have done for them.

mashtop social bookmark - social bookmarking site

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarks show how your website is perceived and how people feel about your website. Social bookmarking is free publicity and the links you have can contribute to your ranking on search engines. Rank well on the search engines and you will get traffic to your website.

We use social bookmarking to:

  1. Get visitors to your website by extending your reach.
  2. Get your website indexed faster by the search engines.
  3. Helps your website get higher rankings on the search engines.

Some of the more well-known social bookmark sites are Digg, Folkd, Furl, Reddit, stumbleupon and many others. If you go to the end of this post, you can see a list of bookmarking sites. If you are using wordpress, you can use a bookmark plugin and ask your readers to bookmark your site. But the purpose of this article is to introduce you to, a social bookmarking site.

Mashtop – The Top Links, Top Websites

Submit your top links and your top websites to, it only takes a minute to sign up. Submission is free and the links are dofollow. Their goal is to help you to promote your content and SEO for your website.

Mashtop is a social bookmarking site I use and I recommend you sign up today.

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